Additional Undergraduate Support

Additional Support

support from external Grants, Trusts or Charities or through other funding

You may also be eligible for extra funding if you are an unpaid carer.

Some students may also be able to claim state benefits while studying. 

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Grants, Trusts or Charities

Grants, Trusts, and Charities can be a great source of funding. All will have their own individual criteria, eligibility and methods of application. Many can award partial funding for your studies.

Find out more through our Alternative Funding webpage.

State Benefits or Tax Credits

Most full-time students will not be eligible to claim benefits, particularly those that rely on a means-test. However, some students may be entitled to apply for state benefits or tax credits, depending upon their income and circumstances. Some student funding will be taken into consideration when being assessed for benefits.

Please see our Student and Benefits page for further information.

Additional Postgraduate Support

Support for...


Support for Carers

The University is keen to offer support to student carers, including providing a Bursary from its Student Support Fund to help those who are in need of financial support, as it is recognised that caring often has financial implications (such as less availability for paid work and increased travel costs).

Care Leavers

Support for Care Leavers

In addition to the support offered through your funding body, USW is committed to providing support for students from care and those leaving care who want to go on to higher education. If you're not quite sure if you qualify as a Care Leaver, please contact us.

Estranged Students

Support for Estranged Students

In addition to the support offered through your funding body, the University of South Wales is committed to providing support for students who are estranged from their parents or become estranged during their studies.