Alternative Funding

Grants, Trusts & Charities

Grants, Trusts, and Charities can be a great source of funding. All will have their own individual criteria, eligibility and methods of application. Many can award partial funding for your studies.

Applications for funding from external bodies can take a considerable amount of time to process so you would need to be prepared to wait.

Some Grants, Trusts and Charities will help to cover the cost, or partial cost, of your fees. In this instance you may be asked if you have accessed bank loans or student loans. If you are eligible to apply for funding from these sources and haven’t applied for the relevant loan you may not be eligible to receive an award. Again, it is always best to check the criteria before applying.

Many will ask for a financial statement as part of the application process. You will need to itemise your income and expenditure in order to work out your anticipated need, e.g. if you have covered the cost of your tuition fees, and have a part time job to cover the majority of your living costs you may only be applying for money for books or travel expenses.

It is also a good way to show what you have done to find funding and to find out what else you may need. This will help any given charity to decide whether they will help fund you or not.

If you have received funding from another source, whether it be a scholarship, bursary or an award from a charitable institution you should always present this information. It will enhance your application and show that you have done some work towards finding money.

There is plenty of information in the links below to help you get started and if you need any further information do get in contact with us.

Search Engines

There are many Search Engines to help you get started in finding extra money to study, here are a few that you may find useful:

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online is all about alternative sources of funding - especially charities - which can make awards (fees, maintenance, research costs) to any student regardless of subject, or nationality.

The Alternative Guide Online contains a huge database of funding opportunities, comprehensive guidance, and numerous tools to help you prepare a winning grant application. University of South Wales has purchased a licence to the Guide, and so it’s free for all students and staff to use! Logon Now! using your USW email address.

If you are a prospective student who has applied to the university, please email [email protected] to get an access PIN*

Turn2Us will allow you to look through 3,000 charitable funds to find out if you are eligible for support

Graduate Prospects help you to search for the latest funding for postgraduates courses and covers a wide range of opportunities available to support Masters study

European Funding Guide to help EU students studying in the UK 

There are a number of External Trusts, Bursaries and Scholarships that may be available

It is the student's  responsibility to research this information in detail.

Please Contact Us if you need any further information or support.