Armed Forces

Armed Forces

As an ex-member of the Armed Forces you may be able to use your skills and experience in Higher Education.

USW Armed Forces (AF) Bursary Award in Association with Cardiff Business Club

Are you an ex-AF student currently studying at the University of South Wales? USW are proud to announce that there is a one-off £1000 bursary available to one of our ex-AF students.  All applications will be judged against the criteria listed below and are invited to be submitted to our Armed Forces Champion, Ross Hall by Monday Nov 12th at 1200hrs, with the winner being announced by the end of November 2018.  Applications will be judged by a panel and the successful applicant will receive the award at a dinner to be hosted by Cardiff Business Club, sponsored by USW in March 2019. 

 Applicants must: 

  • Have served in the British Armed Forces (either Regular or Reserve Forces).
  • Be studying on a Full-time Undergraduate course at USW.
  • Be self-funding your course, or using the ‘usual’ student funding routes to undergraduate study (i.e., not in receipt of MoD funding support via ELCAS).
  • Provide evidence of commitment to USW values (Creative, Inspiring, Professional Responsive).
  • Provide evidence of outstanding academic progress (NB - not necessarily achievement, but could be related to success against the odds etc.).
  • Demonstrate a commitment to on-going AF engagement (e.g., readiness to mentor current or future ex-AF students; contribution to AF recruitment; improving the student experience for ex-AF personnel etc.)

Applications of no more than 1000 words (the more succinct the better!) to be submitted to, by Monday Nov 12th at 1200hrs 

Armed Forces Learning Credits Scheme

The Armed Forces Learning Credits Scheme helps support personal development and can provide financial support towards the cost of your course. For further information regarding the Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme please visit our  dedicated Armed Forces pages. 

Please note:

The course fee listed on your application for support from ELCAS must be correct so that the Revenue Team can invoice accurately, if you have a query regarding your course fee please contact the Revenue Team.

If you have secured funding from ELCAS then please send written confirmation to as soon as possible. 

For further information regarding studying at the University of South Wales please visit our dedicated Armed Forces pages.