Healthcare Fees and Funding

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Related healthcare courses 

Eligible healthcare courses at the University of South Wales are listed below. These healthcare courses have been commissioned by Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW) and are specifically designed to support individuals' progress to registration in their chosen healthcare profession and support the future needs of NHS services and patients in Wales.


Funding Options

There are potentially two different funding options for Healthcare degrees offered by USW. 

The funding available will depend on your course choice.   

If you have the option of both the NHS and standard funding, you will need to decide which funding route is best for you as you can only access one and you cannot usually change part way through your studies.  You will need to decide if you wish to commit to working in Wales for two years after completing your Healthcare degree. If yes, you can choose between NHS funding OR standard student funding, if no, you can apply for standard student funding according to your domicile

In order to help you to decide, NHS Wales have provided the following information about the NHS Bursary Scheme. It is important that students read the information on this website carefully as it details how the NHS scheme will work and the implications of choosing this scheme.

If you have any queries about the funding available to you, or are unsure which is best, you can contact the Student Money Advice Team for further guidance.  

The Tuition Fee charge for full-time healthcare courses is £9,000 per year.

You may be eligible for support with 

  • Tuition Fees, through a Tuition Fee Loan
  • Loans and/or grants for Living Costs - up to £11,720 for Welsh Students and £9,910 for English Students
  • Dependents grants if applicable
  • Special Support Element if applicable 
  • Extra Weeks support through the long courses loan

You would apply to the funding body where you are ordinarily resident prior to the start of the course.

Please note that you will not be eligible for means-tested allowances through the standard funding if you will be receiving an NHS Wales Bursary Support Package.

Find out more 

All eligible part-time students will be able to apply for a non-means tested Tuition Fee Loan.

Students may receive a loan up to £2,625 towards their fees, depending on their course intensity. 

Additional Support for Living Costs for Students Living in Wales

Eligible part time students living in Wales and commencing a course after 1 September 2022 will be eligible to apply for support for living costs via a Welsh Government Learning Grant and a Maintenance Loan. The level is based on the £1,000 minimum grant available to full-time students, so a part-time student studying at 50% of full-time hours would receive a minimum grant of £500.  The level of further grants and loans are dependent on the number of hours (i.e. the intensity) of study and household income. The maximum amount of combined loan and grant available to a student studying 75% intensity is £6,488 or £4,325 to a student studying at 50% intensity.

Additional Support for Living Costs for Students Living in England

A part-time Maintenance Loan is available to those starting their course from September 2021 onwards, subject to intensity of study. The maximum amount available to a student studying at 75% intensity is £ 7,483 or £ 4,989 is available to a student studying at 50% intensity.

Applying for part-time grants (if applicable) and loans

Applications for Welsh residents starting in 2023/24 will be available via Student Finance Wales.

Applications for English residents starting in 2023/24 will be available via Student Finance England

This information relates to the 2023/24 academic year for full time courses

  • The NHS pay all course fees
  • A non-means tested grant of £1,000
  • A means tested bursary of up to £3,651 (elsewhere rate) or up to £2,879 (parental home rate). These figures are based on full-time healthcare courses being 42 weeks in duration.
  • In addition to the basic bursary, students can apply for a number of means tested additional allowances if they meet specific criteria. These allowances provide support to disabled students and additional support for students with dependent adults and children.
  • A reduced rate maintenance loan of £5,360 (elsewhere rate) or £4,475 (parental home rate) for Welsh domiciled students 
  • A reduced rate maintenance loan of £2,605 (elsewhere rate) or £1,955 (parental home rate) for English domiciled students     

Note: A lower rate of loan will apply in the final year of study for English students.

See NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) for further details.

If you are studying the postgraduate diploma in nursing, you would not be able to receive the reduced rate maintenance loan. 

If you are studying the part time Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy course, you would be able to receive up to 75% of the non-means tested grant and means tested bursary as well as the additional means tested allowances. You would not be able to receive a reduced rate maintenance loan. 

The Welsh Government has announced its continuation of the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme for the 2024/25 academic year, as well as the removal of the Reduced Rate of Maintenance Loan. Once approved, the removal of this Reduced Rate will allow all NHS Wales Bursary Students to access the full amount of maintenance loan should they wish.

The Welsh Government has recently released a statement on the Bursary, which you can read here. We will update this page with further details as soon as we have them.

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Applying for Student Funding

All students need to register their funding choice with NHS Student Awards Service

Applications usually open about 4 months before the start of your
course and you must apply within 10 weeks of starting the course
• Apply online
Guidance and informationon the application process is available
• You must also make a separate application to SFW/SFE for your reduced rate maintenance loan

Depending on where you live, you apply to either:

Student Finance Wales

Student Finance England

You should apply using a paper PN1 form from either SFW or SFE as if you apply online, you will only be assessed for the Reduced Rate Loan. You should include a covering letter stating you have opted out of the NHS funding and provide your email confirmation of this with your application.

If you have previously studied a non-NHS funded course, then your entitlement to the NHS Bursary support and reduced rate maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company is not affected. 

However, if you have previously started or completed any NHS funded course then this could have implications for your funding. Please contact NHS Student Awards for more information on this.

Please note that if you already hold an honours degree, you will not be eligible to receive the full time standard funding package for a healthcare degree if applying to Student Finance Wales. Please find further information regarding previous study rules on our Previous Study page and we encourage you to Contact Us or your funding provider if you have any further queries. 

If you are studying a part time course, you can still receive part time funding as subjects allied to medicine are exemption subjects.

Some students may be entitled to state benefits or tax credits while studying. Please see Student and Benefits for further information.

Additional Support

The University is keen to offer support to student carers, including providing a Bursary from its Student Support Fund to help those who are in need of financial support, as it is recognised that caring often has financial implications (such as less availability for paid work and increased travel costs). Find out more.

In addition to the support offered through your funding body, the University of South Wales is committed to providing support for students from care and those leaving care who want to go on to higher education.

We at the University of South Wales can help you at every stage of your university experience, with specialist help and advice before, during and after you are a student with us – leaving you to concentrate on your studies and enjoy university life. 

To ask further questions and start to access the support available to you as a Care Leaver please contact the Care Leaver Coordinator

If you not quite sure if you qualify as a Care Leaver please contact us and we can advise you further. If you are a social worker or work on behalf of an organisation such as Barnardos please feel free to contact us also. 

In addition to the support offered through your funding body, the University of South Wales is committed to providing support for students who are estranged from their parents or become estranged during their studies.

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