Helen Kegie Postgraduate Bursary


Following a long and established career in social care, the late Helen Kegie MBE was a keen supporter of the University and was truly passionate about enabling students from all backgrounds to access further education, particularly those who would have struggled financially to fulfil their ambitions.

Through Helen's generosity and foresight, the Helen Kegie Bursary has and continues to enable many students from across the South Wales region to access our Social Science-related degree courses.

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Helen Kegie Bursary

  • Assessed via a written essay of approximately 800-1000 words, the Helen Kegie Bursary is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate a strong knowledge of their subject area and a high degree of ability to reflect and link theory to practice.
  • Successful Bursary recipients will show strong academic ability or potential via their written application.
  •  For successful Postgraduate Bursary recipients, the Helen Kegie Bursary is a maximum award of £2000*. This is awarded in the first academic term by the end of November of the first year of study by BACS.
  • The bursary award is granted direct to the individual in support of alleviating the final demands of being on the course- perhaps purchasing course materials or accruing course related travel expenses.
  • How the bursary is used is at the sole discretion of the bursary recipient.

*The total number of bursaries available and the financial amount of each bursary is subject to the annual performance of the Kegie fund as of each September.  Performance of the fund may go up and well as down. Award criteria are also subject to annual review.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered eligible to apply for the Helen Kegie Bursary, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be applying to study and successfully commence one of the following courses:

PG Diploma Counselling Children and Young People

MA Music Therapy 

MA Art Psychotherapy

  • To have a permanent postal address with a CF or NP postcode
  • To define yourself as coming from a low income background
  • As a minimum, be willing to provide testimonial as to the impact of receiving the Kegie Bursary and agree to provide an end of year report

How to apply

Applications for the Helen Kegie  Bursary are closed for the 19/20 Academic year

Important information

  • References are to be made using the Harvard Referencing System
  • Any quotations should be included in the total word count
  • A bibliography is not required. Anything that has had a significant influence on the written work should be referenced whether or not there is a quotation.
  • If you defer your start year on your course, the bursary will be awarded to another candidate. It would be necessary for you to reapply for the bursary ahead of your new year of entry.
  • As a successful bursary recipient should you leave or change your course to an alternative outside the bursary criteria within the first six months you would be required to return the bursary in full.  No reimbursement is required after this time.