Lydon Hodges Bursary

Founding Principles

When Mrs Nan Powell Hodges, an American from Seattle, Washington, USA, decided to establish the Lydon Hodges Fund, she committed to being the founding donor for annual bursaries to scholars starting out on their postgraduate research journey. Mrs Hodges continues: "I was so moved and impressed by the accomplishments of the students at a graduation ceremony I attended at the University of South Wales in July 2017, I wanted to make a contribution. Knowing how hard it is to secure funds for postgraduate study and research, I decided in consultation with USW to start an annual postgraduate bursary fund and to urge other friends to contribute." The founding gift generously given by Mrs Powell Hodges is in tribute to her late husband - eminent academic and healthcare professional Dr Robert Manley Hodges - and also in honour of the first female Vice Chancellor of the University of South Wales, Professor Julie Lydon OBE.

Who is eligible?

  • Applicants applying for any postgraduate research course- full or part time- at the University of South Wales, inclusive of:

               *PhD by Thesis

               *Doctor of Business Administration


               *Masters by Research (MA) 

               *Masters by Research ( MSc)

  • Applicants due to apply or who have been accepted on to a USW postgraduate research course, with entry being in the current forward academic year
  • Applicants who have already completed, or are due to complete, a USW undergraduate or USW taught postgraduate course. Those holding a USW undergraduate qualification must hold a degree of 2:1 or above
  • UK residents only. Note this is not a limitation by nationality, only residence and as such, applicants should hold a UK postal address
  • Applicants who are entirely self-funding.

How do I apply and how is the Bursary allocated?

  • Applicants must submit a short summary of no more than 500 words online outlining why they feel entry to a postgraduate research course will be beneficial to them – personally or professionally, and how they will be approaching their studies. 
  • To apply for the bursary please complete the online application form
  • Bursary allocation is decided by a panel made up of no less than three people. The panel considers all applications made online and panel membership will include representation from the University’s Research and Business Engagement directorate, the Graduate Research Office and Academic body. The panel meets ahead of points of entry on to Postgraduate Research courses and their decision is final.
  • Emphasis for the panel is to prioritise applicants who demonstrate how postgraduate research studies are a personal or professional enabler. Societal impact of research is not necessarily a driver for Bursary distribution given the ever changing landscape of research and society, and the long range nature of completing research studies.

How much is a Lydon Hodges Bursary worth?

  • Bursaries are typically £2000 each. Individual sums awarded are at the discretion of panel members, although would be no less than £1000. 
  • The Bursary amount is for the recipient to do with as they feel most appropriate – be this subsidising research or work experience, contributing to offsetting study fees or contributing towards subsistence during the course of their studies.
  • The Bursary is awarded in one instalment, typically no later than 8 weeks after studies commence. Eg: Entry in October, Bursary would be paid no later than by the start of December.

When can I apply for a Lydon Hodges Bursary?

  • The window for application opens on 1 August each year and closes midnight GMT 15 March. Given the University has three points of entry in the academic year for postgraduate research students, early application ahead of point of entry is strongly encouraged. The panel will meet a short time ahead of each point of entry to consider latest applications.
  • Applications for the Lydon Hodges Bursary are closed for the 19/20 Academic year.  the bursary will reopen on 1 August 2020. 
  • Should funds be exhausted early in the cycle, the application window will close early.

Requirements of Bursary recipients

A short report demonstrating the impact of the amount granted would be required no later than 12 months after the Bursary is granted. This would support raising awareness of the Fund and would be managed by the Alumni Relations and Development Office.

Further information about the Lydon Hodges Fund

You can view further information about this Bursary online