Hannah Moreno - Cardiff and The Vale College

Hannah, CAVC 2

Hannah Moreno studied the Foundation Degree in Performing Arts at Cardiff and the Vale College.

What brought you to CAVC?

I left school when I was 16 and went to Trowbridge College to do Performing Arts, which I loved. I’ve always been really interested in Drama as a career so a BTEC course was perfect for me. In my spare time I make armature short films with a group of friends, and I work part time as a host at a wedding venue, which I love.

Are you hoping to pursue a career in drama?

I’ve always wanted to go in to teaching, and I knew I wanted to do that by learning as much as I possibly could, myself first, and then gaining my teaching qualification. I’m really hoping to top-up my foundation degree to the full honours degree and then do a PGCE.

Was there a particular reason for choosing to study at the college first?

Yes, I always knew I wanted to study performing arts, and I knew I wasn’t ready for a conservatoire, and I wasn’t confident enough in myself, and my academic ability at the time to consider the leap to University. I’d already studied at a college for the last few years, so I felt comfortable with that setting and finding out I could still achieve my ambitions without putting myself under immense pressure was a lovely surprise! 

Being in a familiar setting meant I could relax more and enjoy my time on the course, as well as meaning I could stay living at home and hold down my job too, which meant a lot to me.

How are you feeling about the top up year?

Really excited! And confident. A hundred times more prepared than I felt a few years back when I was first considering University. 

As part of the Foundation Degree, we’ve already met some of the USW tutors who will be teaching on the top-up, and we’ve had chance to go over and use some of the amazing spaces in the brand new building too. Having that has been invaluable to me, creating a familiarity before I start, that really broke down and barriers I felt I had. I’ve heard the new facilities are incredible and that the support there is great too, so I’m not concerned.

I feel like I’ve gotten to do it all my way. I honestly don’t think I’d be doing this well, or perhaps even doing this at all if it wasn’t for the college route! It’s meant that I’ve been confident enough to pursue other things, like making armature short films, and I’m definitely a more rounded, self-confident person now.

Would you suggest this route to someone else in your position?

Yes, one hundred percent. The college route is so versatile! It means that people from all walks of life can achieve things they didn’t think were possible. 

I had people in my class from all backgrounds, all cultures and ages, and we’re all learning together in a supportive and convenient setting, and at the end of it all we all have a degree, which some of us never dreamed possible, it’s quite exciting really.