Fees and Funding information


A higher education course is an investment in your future, however there are costs associated with learning and studying may cost less than you think. Welsh students studying a higher education course benefit from financial assistance and you may be eligible for help with tuition fees or living costs. Depending on your personal circumstances, you could be eligible for a range of grants, loans and allowances to help with tuition fees and living costs.


The wellbeing, health and safety of our students and staff is paramount to us. We are committed to delivering our courses, research opportunities and other services as safely as possible. 

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You can find information around tuition fees via our Fees and Funding website pages. You'll also find ways to contact us should you have any further questions around funding your study.

Whether it's financial assistance with tuition fees and/or your living costs, you can apply for student finance to support you with your studies. 

You will need to apply for your funding before starting your course, the earlier the better, and you will have to reapply for funding every academic year. 

To find out how to apply for your funding and the maximum support available from each funding provider please see our Student Loans information.

As well as paying for books and electronic essentials, there may be additional costs for some courses. This could include field trips, art supplies or studio time. For more information about additional course costs, please contact the relevant partner college.

Once you’ve completed your University course at your local college, you may decide to top-up to a full-time Honours degree at one of the University’s campuses. If you do, you can apply for the USW Progression Bursary.

Worth £1000 this non means tested bursary could provide financial support towards your travel, living and study costs while studying at a USW Campus. For more information including terms and conditions, please visit our USW Progression Bursary page.