Living away from home

Moving away from home can be a daunting prospect. Your child will need to adapt to university lectures, make new friends and learn how to look after themselves. 

Student support

Parents often ask us what support, other than academic help is available. Individual student support is available throughout your child's studies, and each student can access the specific service they require. 

Their first week

Dropping your child off at university is emotional for any parent. You'll be left worrying if they are looking after themselves and making friends. Find out what their first week has in store for them.


Once your child has accepted their university offer, they can start thinking about where they want to live. We go through the options, from Halls of Residence, private accommodation or even living at home.

How university has changed

University has changed over the years, and may be different to how you remember it. Read about the differences between uni in the 90's and now.