How university has changed

Digital Marketing Manager, Rebecca Moore, graduated in 1994. Rebecca has worked at the University of South Wales for 12 years and has a good insight into the differences between university life now and what used to happen back in the mists of time.

“I went to university at a time when full university grants were available. We could also apply for a very small student loan and banks freely gave out overdrafts. I didn’t have to take a part-time job while I was studying, although I did work during the holidays. 

There were no tuition fees – it felt like anyone could go to university if they were bright enough and being a student was an easy life, with an expectation that students were like Rik, Neil, Viv and Mike in ‘The Young Ones.’ 

I wish I could say I worked hard and made the most of all the fantastic opportunities that were given to me. I’m afraid I didn’t.  It’s certainly not like that these days. Part of my job involves interviewing current students, and I’m always surprised at the amount of work students here do. The quality of their work often stuns me and it’s great to be able to tell their extraordinary stories – to see what they’re up to. 

The students I meet are focused on getting a job at the end of their studies and they work hard to get work experience, placements and industry experience. They value the field courses that we provide and take all the opportunities we offer. 

On the social side, when we filmed at a freshers’ party last year, everyone was having a great time without the need for (much) alcohol. Not only are students more financially astute, I think they are also very aware of their online reputation. I’m just very glad social media wasn’t around when I was a student.”

Business student on Waitrose Freshers' party