Their first week

You'll get up early to drop them off, pull yourself off them, and then set off home wondering what their university experience will be like. We know it’s an anxious time as you wave goodbye. Here's an insight into their first week.

Making friends

Our Welcome Week programme eases students into the social side of university. The activities keep them busy, help them make friends and ensure they get off to a great start. Even though their academic work will come first, their university social life will give them memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Welcome Week activities include Students’ Union parties, sports activities and plenty of trips to familiarise them with south Wales and their new home.

Open Days - What to expect on the day

Freshers’ Fair

A highly anticipated part of Welcome Week is the Freshers’ Fair. There are masses of stands encouraging students to join the University’s many clubs, societies, sports teams and more. It’s a great opportunity for them to explore new interests, keep up existing hobbies and take advantage of the opportunities on offer. 

Freshers Fair

Their new home

Whether your child has decided to live in Halls, a shared house or even stay at home, they’ll have access to all of the same events and activities as their peers. New students who choose to live in Halls of Residence are allocated a move in date, and normally move in just before Welcome Week.

There are student Campus Life Coordinators, based in halls in Treforest, Liberty Bridge in Cardiff and CLV in Newport. The CLCs are a first point of contact for any questions students may have in halls and they work with staff to organise events and activities helping everyone to settle in.’

Kyra Winder with her student cook book

Gaining independence

You may be nervous about your child taking care of themselves – it may be the first time they’ve done their own laundry or had to cook for themselves. University allows them to be independent. Just incase they need an extra hand, we have food outlets in and around our campuses, laundry facilities are available and supermarkets can even deliver groceries on to campus. So there’s no excuse for takeaways!

Accommodation laundrette washing machine

Missing home

It’s inevitable that at times your child will miss you, and miss home. They may want someone to talk to or need advice. We have a strong network of support in place to help them overcome any worries and enjoy their experience. Our Advice Zones offer a welcoming first point of contact for all student enquiries. 

They are a confidential service that work closely with all University Support Services, including The Wellbeing Service and Chaplaincy. The Students’ Union are also there for our students.

Freshers' party

First lectures

After the fun of their first week, the lectures begin. Staff will help students settle in to their course and get to know their fellow students. When it comes to the workload – we have plenty of help on hand through our libraries and support services.

Lecture theatre B1 Treforest

Health and Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Service offers free advice and support relating to health, mental health and counselling to all USW Students .  Ensure your child has had their Meningitis ACWY vaccination before they arrive and registers with the Health Service and a local GP when they arrive.