Top 10 Revision Tips

No-one passed their exams by pretending they're not going to happen!  Face it, it's not going to be easy. Exams require hard work, dedication and concentration, so here are some techniques that will help.

1. Make up songs for memorising things, like this song about the Periodic Table

2. Re-enact lessons and do impressions of your teachers with your friends

Funny situations and stories will help you remember key facts. 

Revision tips

3. Set yourself achievable goals and reward yourself when you reach each goal

Study Incentive

4. Go out for a walk or jog with friends or family after you’ve learned a specific topic 

Whilst walking, the only thing you are allowed to talk about is the topic you’ve just learned about.  This will give you a break and some fresh air, whilst still testing your memory. 

Revision tips

5. Play flashcard games

Place an image or a word on the flashcard. You then have 3 minutes to say as much as possible about the topic. 


6. Vary your study locations

Try studying outdoors, or in a cafe or library. This will depend on your learning style, but it’s worth trying a few different places to see what suits you best.

Study Outdoors

7. Create mind maps to link topics and help you visualise theories

The bigger, the better! Don’t let them become procrastinating tools though by spending hours colouring them in! 


8. Use an unfamiliar perfume or aftershave while you’re studying 

...and again before each exam. The scent will apparently help jog your memory. 

Revision tips

9. Make friends with post-it notes and highlighters!

Use them to help you associate topics and themes with colours. This especially works well if you have a visual mind.

Post It Notes

10. Are you artistic? Draw cartoons to visualise key facts and help you remember them.

Drawing cartoons

Good luck. We know you’ll be great. Whatever you do, don’t wing it. Prepare, plan, study and focus. And remember, it’ll all be worth it in the end!