Women in Engineering


At the University of South Wales, we are proud of the staff, students and graduates we have in engineering. 

To celebrate women in engineering, we spoke with several of our outstanding women at USW to see what engineering means to them.

We have a range of engineering courses from undergraduate and postgraduate to fantastic research opportunities. This ensures that our students have hands-on access to industry-standard equipment and are ready to jump into the workplace when they graduate. 

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It wasn’t about being a woman or being a man, it was that my head worked logically. 

Women engineers may be small in number, but we are there. As long as you’ve got the right people behind you, you can do anything you want.

So, if you want to help the world, particularly now with this massive climate emergency that we’re in, being an engineer and making a better society by the things that we need every day, like the structures we build, the transport, the water and power we deliver as well as lots of things that you  might never have thought of. 

Women can bring a lot to the table, being compassionate, thinking about the bigger picture, thinking about climate – women are awesome!

Joanne Thomas, lecturer in Civil Engineering

Bethan Jones, Civil Engineering graduate

The best thing about my job is that no two days are the same. I get to work with a variety of people on many different projects. 

Civil Engineering is a great industry in which to work. The salaries and progression opportunities are great, and it is a highly respected profession. 

The highlight of my career so far has been winning Civil Engineering Contractors Association Graduate Engineer of the Year 2016.

USW was a supportive environment in which to learn. The lecturers and technicians were always on hand to help you get the best results possible. My career wouldn’t be possible without my Civil Engineering degree from USW.

Bethan Jones, USW Civil Engineering graduate

Katie Danahar

The thought of being a female in a male-dominated industry like aerospace was a little daunting, but I chose to follow my ambitions. 

After almost completing my degree, I can say without hesitation that it was the right decision. Doing the work placement at British Airways really confirmed that for me.

I was the only female there but it didn’t matter one bit - the engineers were welcoming and willing to help, and I had great fun while working alongside them.

Thanks to the aircraft maintenance course and my placement at British Airways, I now have so many career options.

Katie Danahar, Aircraft Maintenence Engineering graduate

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Women have such great intelligence and an eye for detail, key things that the industry requires.

Construction has always been part of my career plans and, with the industry being quite broad, I had to find something that catered to my strengths and interests and my course is exactly that. 

Engineering is a thought process that gives you the liberty to explore your imagination and come up with probable ways and solutions to implement these ideas and further execute them. 

This is exactly why I want to become an engineer, having the chance to collaborate with greater and like minds to create something for the good of the people or the environment. 

It is a fulfilling and humbling experience that I hope to achieve one day. 

The best thing about the course so far has been witnessing my own growth in the academic aspect of things.

USW has immensely helped me improve myself academically in ways that I never thought were possible. 

Mayando Telebwe from Zambia, Construction Project Management student



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Lerined Sanchez - engineerings student

Living in Wales is a life-changing experience that every student should live - you can expect many things when you come to live here.

I moved to the UK to further my knowledge of aviation engineering and management. 

I quickly discovered that one of the best things about my experience studying here, is the exceptional level of education that has been offered to me. 

It makes me very proud to see women, like the course leader of my master’s, having the opportunity to work and grow in a field that was once considered ‘only for men’. 

Lerined Sanchez, MSc Aviation Engineering and Management

Mercedes VAUGHAN-MATTHEWS - Construction Project Management graduate

The construction industry is calling out for strong females, and despite a poor existing image, it is a wonderfully diverse world.

My role is to improve our company’s market position and achieve financial growth, rather than project-specific management. 

Day-to-day activities include mapping out long-term company strategic goals, building key customer and supply chain relationships, identifying business opportunities, negotiating and closing business deals and maintaining extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

The project management qualification is ideal for those who want become a manager in the construction industry, as I did – and it provided me with a great professional grounding.

Mercedes Vaughan-Matthews, Construction Project Management graduate

Bethany Jones - Mechanical Engineering Student - Network 75

I was in my final year of school when a company came in and demonstrated a project that was on the same line as the Formula Student.

The project immediately interested me and I wanted to learn all the hands-on practical elements and really "get my nerd on". It was at this point I started thinking seriously about pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. 

I chose to study at USW because of the Network75 route. The route meant I could work at a company and gain five years worth of experience while studying and accessing campus life. 

Not only that, but all of my tuition fees are paid for, which was a real bonus!

Bethany Jones, Mechanical Engineering graduate