Forensic Sciences Degrees

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Many of our Forensics courses have accreditation from The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

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Crime Scene Training Facility allows you to train in a realistic, simulated and challenging learning environment


Forensic and Archeological Sciences at USW is rated top in Wales for student satisfaction (NSS 2022)

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Our lecturers have worked in key industry roles, including the UK police force and forensic service providers


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Forensic science is a broad subject area that draws on many scientific fields. It requires skilled individuals to assist with enquiries of a criminal or civil nature. From gathering traces at a crime scene to analysing specimens for drug abuse, firearms or explosives, no two days will be the same.

Our work in forensic science is driven by our backgrounds as practitioners – either working with UK police, forensic service providers or through academia. 

Whether you have a science background or not, our courses develop you to become an experienced and competent graduate from one of our accredited Forensics degrees.



Many of our Forensics courses have accreditation from The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. An accredited degree is a marker of the quality of the student learning experience and indicates professional standards are being met. Our courses are regularly assessed by the professional body, giving you the assurance that the course content is relevant to current and emerging areas of forensic sciences.

Outstanding Facilities

Our bespoke Crime Scene Training Facility allows you to train in a realistic, simulated and challenging learning environment, and includes scenes such as burglary, homicide and fatal fire. You will develop your analytical approach to crime scene investigation and learn how to recognise evidence of various different forms. You will also have access to other specialist facilities including a criminalistics laboratory, search laboratory, molecular and DNA analysis facilities, and analytical and chemistry laboratories.

Immersive Learning

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Our immersive learning approach is integral to our courses, from regular practical classes to day-long experiences where you are required to work as a team. You could find yourself at a simulated excavation, completing facial reconstruction exercises, investigating a fatal fire, or conducting detailed literature research into a specific area of forensics.

Forensic Sciences Courses

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Would you like to perform a crucial role in the investigation of crime and legal scenarios? Our Forensic Science degrees provide the highly practical application of a range of sciences in the context of criminal and civil law.

Our Forensic Investigation courses allow students without a traditional science background, or those with a specific interest in this field, to acquire knowledge relating to the use of forensic techniques in a wide range of criminal investigations.

Meet the team

One of the most important elements of any course is the team behind it. Our academics have made a series of ‘meet the team’ videos so that you can see who will be teaching you in September and get to know them on more of a personal level.

Dr Paul Jones reminisces on how buying a chemistry set from Toys ‘R’ Us as a child sparked his interest in the subject and ultimately led him to where he is today. He also explains various projects that students get to work on such as how blood starts weather in different environments and how students apply course knowledge to real-life scenarios.


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Forensic Research

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Our forensic science research group is driven by individuals with backgrounds as practitioners – either working with UK police, forensic service providers or through academia. 

Much of their research is based around Masters and Masters by Research projects, often in collaboration with industrial partners. Research areas include trace evidence and toxicology. Read more about our Forensic Science Research.

They are part of the University’s Crime, Justice and Security accelerated development area. 

Second year Computer Forensic students in Crime Scene House


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