Mathematics Degrees

95% of our Mathematics and Statistics students are satisfied with their course (NSS 2019)

Mathematics is everywhere and everything. It’s an essential part of our everyday lives, from monitoring annual tornado movements to analysing the success of a business.

Mathematicians and statisticians are in high demand – plus they often enjoy more than average salaries. If you have an analytical mind and enjoy problem solving, a Maths degree at the University of South Wales can open countless career options. 

Most employers value the logical thinking and problem-solving skills you will gain on a Mathematics degree. When you graduate, you can seek a career in many branches of industry, commerce and government, especially those that use mathematical modelling, coding and cryptography, statistics and operational research. 

At the University of South Wales, our Maths courses are also suitable if you want to continue with further study, research or become a mathematics teacher. Our Maths courses are accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.