Clinical Assessment and Diagnostics


Clinical Assessment and Diagnostics

The module enables the student to utilise critical, systematic and comprehensive approaches to clinical examination, patient assessment and diagnosis. It is ideal for healthcare professionals who have to assess and examine patients and determine their healthcare needs.

On successful completion, the student will receive a certificate for a 40 credit module which they have passed at level 7 accredited by the University. The credit may be transferred towards the MSc Professional Practice (depending on previous qualifications).

Key career benefits include:

  • The emphasis of the module is to aid student’s skill in assessment and diagnostics and thus improving escalation of care or determining care interventions. 
  • Gain a better understanding of signs and symptoms to aid diagnosis
  • Gain skills that are now incorporated into pre-registration programmes.
  • Able to transfer credits on other courses in USW, (depending on previous qualification)

AU3D021 (Level 6) Glyntaff 12 weeks There are two intakes a year - September to December; and January to March
AU4D013 (Level 7) Glyntaff 12 weeks There are two intakes a year - September to December; and January to March

 You will learn:

  • Systematic and methodical approaches to physical assessment and clinical examination using a systems approach: respiratory, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, neurological, genitourinary, musculoskeletal. 
  • History taking processes: past medical, drug, family, social histories. 
  • Communication processes, interviewing skills, interpersonal skills thus evaluating clinical presentation. 
  • Exploration of the consequences of illness on homeostasis, the physical, psycho-social impact upon the patient. 
  • Referral mechanisms and collaborative approaches to detect and manage unstable and complex health problems. 
  • Legal and professional issues: accountability, the duty and standards of care, consent and capacity to consent, confidentiality, clinical documentation.

You will be taught through a mixture of:

  • Lectures, tutorials and seminars-Via face to face classroom or virtually via an online black board system. There will be a mixture of live and recorded sessions. 
  • Demonstration
  • Simulated activities

Educational and clinical experts many with experience of being advanced clinical practitioners.

This module requires a total of 400 hours of study which includes taught hours provided by the module team as well as self directed and independent study.

You will need to have achieved a Bachelor’s degree as minimum entry.

You will also need to have Evidence of previous education and work in an area where these skills will benefit patient and clinician’s role

The module will be summatively assessed via 4 OSCE’s (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations). 2 in the middle of the module and 2 at the end.

These will occur within the simulation centre at the University.

You will be supported by the module manager and module team to develop your skills and knowledge but you will need a support from your practice area to develop certain skills taught within the module.

  • Library services
  • IT services
  • Blackboard
  • Academic support
  • Simulation centre
  • Student support services 


Interested in Applying?

Contact Bridie Jones directly to register your interest.

Subsequent online enrolment will be closer to module start date.