Working with clients with a personality disorder



This module aims to enable participants to develop knowledge of the theories, concepts, and empirical research findings which inform specific models of assessment. 

Participants will develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of evidence-based assessment tools. Furthermore, you will be supported to develop skills in the undertaking of a comprehensive assessment of a clients` needs and skills associated with the therapeutic engagement of individuals within their specific area of clinical practice.

NP3D022 TBC 13 half study days February

 This module will discuss/debate relevant policy initiatives currently being utilised within Mental Health Care, for example the Welsh Assembly Government document “Meeting the Health/Social Care and Well Being Needs of Individuals with a Personality Disorder” (September 2005), “The Personality Disorder Capabilities Framework” (NIHME 2003) and application of the Care Programme Approach and other contemporary assessment frameworks. The module will also explore evidence-based assessment tools such as conceptual frameworks guiding treatment such as finely tuned client and clinician responsibility, power and power struggles, acute versus chronic suicidality and balancing short versus long term risks and gains.

The module will also look at effective engagement skills between practitioner and client including barriers to and boundaries of engagement, treatment strategies i.e. containment, skills training, behavioural chain analysis, pharmacology and self-harm, critical analysis of key areas of policy development including the reform of the Mental Health Act and the consequent development of services needed to meet the needs of this client group.


Geoff Barry
Dr Walter Tososa
Mark James

 A 4000 word assignment that will critically debate, analyse and synthesise the evidence base underpinning the effective intervention and engagement strategies for clients with a Personality Disorder– 100% of the theoretical credits.

Students will be required to attain a pass of 40%.

Completion of the Practice Learning Outcomes: Practice Learning Outcomes will be assessed by the practice mentor in the record of Achievement of Practice Learning Outcomes documentation

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