The Management of Minor Illness and Injuries

Aims of the module

This module is aimed at qualified nurses working within general practice who intend to work alongside their medical counterparts or in nurse-led situations assessing treating and discharging patients with a range of minor illnesses within agreed protocols. Students will develop an understanding of their expanding role in the context of minor illness management as well as the professional and legal aspects of their developing practice. 

This module can be taken as an optional module for the BSc (Hons) Community Health award as pathway for General Practice Nursing programme. It can also be taken as a stand-alone module.

Target audience

This module is open to GPNs / qualified nurses working within primary care and any allied health care professionals. Consideration to other places of work may be considered - please contact Eileen Munson, the module leader, before applying. All applicants will be profiled by the module leader.

Prior to undertaking this module, students will have to identify a potential mentor which will have to be approved by the module leader. The mentor can either be a general practitioner or an experienced advanced practitioner working within primary care. Students are expected to undertake a minimum of three hours per week mentorship within clinical practice.

What you will study

The module facilitates the development of clinical skills such as physical skills assessment necessary to undertake holistic examination of patients. These skills will aid establishing a differential diagnosis of a range of minor conditions commonly seen in general practice, walking centres, A&E minor illness centres, prisons or any environment where nurse led first contact care takes place.

The module also addresses clinical pharmacology and explores the therapeutic use of medicines relevant to the management of minor conditions. This module can be undertaken at diploma or degree level.


The course is held every Wednesday, commencing 1st October, 2018, from 9.00am – 5.00pm for 10 face-to-face teaching days.

Summative assessment

The hand-in date is 1st February with a portfolio of competency evidence and summative assignment (20 different scenarios and a 2,000 word assignment).

How to apply

To apply please:

  1. Please complete the application form and return by email to Eileen Munson.
  2. Please also complete the WEDS application form and return by email to both Eileen Munson and Dr Simon Young.
  3. Please return both documents in Word format (rather than PDF or similar).

Key information

  • Module code: CA3D009 Level 6 with 40 academic credits
  • Cost: £1,340 possible support via Continuing Education Contract. Course fees are funded by WEDS for GPN community nurses only 
  • Applicants: Suitable for GPN and any allied health care professionals
  • Conditions: Must have a designated Mentor (GP or ANP) to sign off
  • For all questions and enquiries please contact the module leader: Eileen Munson

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