Practice Teacher Preparation Course

Aims of the module

This 40-credit Level 6 Practice Teacher programme aims to prepare and develop practitioners to be able to facilitate, supervise and assess students studying to be a health visitor, school nurse or occupational health nurse to transfer knowledge and competence to a new context of practice. Specifically, the course will enable the student to develop the knowledge and skills to fulfil the role of a Practice Teacher and achieve the outcomes of Stage 3 of the Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (NMC 2008) and register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a Practice Teacher.

What you will study

The course is designed specifically for registrants with a SCPHN qualification who wish to progress to become a Practice Teacher. The content will focus on the themes of the Stage 3 of the Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (NMC 2008) and you will explore the theories, evidence base, competence and skills required to:

  • Establish effective working relationships
  • Facilitate effective learning
  • Effectively conduct assessments and appreciate the accountability of valid and reliable assessments
  • Critical evaluate of learning
  • Create an environment for learning
  • Understand and support the context of practice in supporting learning
  • Critically evaluate and apply evidence-based practice
  • Demonstrate effective skills of leadership it teaching and supporting learning. 

The course will consist of 15 days in theory and 15 days in practice with a SCPHN student.


Formative Assessment

Formative assessment will take place via simulation where you will be involved in supporting learning for students. In addition, regular formative feedback will be provided by your practice teacher to guide your development of competence and by your personal tutor in the development of your portfolio. 

Summative Assessment

  • Development of a Portfolio - You will be required to compile a portfolio of evidence of competence in each of the eight domains of practice (NMC 2008).  
  • Academic Assignment – You will be required to select one of three themes, arranged as clusters of the NMC domains of practice as the focus of this assignment of 4000 words and reflect how you have developed the competence with in these themes.

Practice Assessment

Achievement of Stage 3 Outcomes for the Practice Teacher: 

You will be assessed by a named qualified Practice Teacher to confirm that you have demonstrated the Stage 3 outcomes (NMC 2008) and accounted for 15 days (90 hours of teaching practice)

Entry requirements

As a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse in order to undertake this course you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a Registered Nurse with a Specialist Community Public Health Nursing Qualification. 
  • Have evidence to support that you have developed your knowledge, skills and competence beyond registration i.e. registered and worked for at least two years, and gained additional qualifications that will support students in SCPHN, or SPQ where this is a local requirement.
  • Be of good health and good character to enable effective practice in accordance with the NMC Code.
  • Acquired additional professional knowledge, which must be relevant to the intended area of teaching / practice and at no less than first-degree level. 
  • Have employment in a post that facilitates you meeting the course outcomes.
  • Have access to student/s who are studying to become registered on the same part of the register, i.e. SCPHN, and from the same field of practice e.g. school nursing, health visiting, occupational health nursing.
  • Be able to be supported and supervised by an experienced Practice Teacher during teaching practice and attend the Annual Practice Teacher Forum and any Practice Teacher meetings managed through the SCPHN programme at USW while supporting USW SCPHN students (applies to other providers).

A tripartite agreement must be sought at the time of application, between the Faculty, the student and their clinical manager to support the protected teaching   practice experience. You will need to provide the name, email and postal address and phone number of your practice supervisor (qualified Practice Teacher). 

You will be required to have an enhanced DBS and sign up to the update service prior to commencement of the course.

Additional Information

Module Code: CA3D011

Module Cost: £1,340 for  2017/18; possible support via Continuing Education Contract

Start date: April 2018

Module Leader: Jill Barnes

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