Supporting the Person with Dementia in a Care Setting

Aims of the module

This 20-credit module is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to support the person with dementia and their carers within a care setting.  The module will enable students to manage practical issues in relation to dementia care. The module can be undertaken at Level 6 or Level 7; this will depend on previous academic qualifications and/or experiential learning. 

What you will study

The nature of dementia: this includes learning about the current understanding of what dementia is (from medical, psychosocial and legal/ethical perspectives), signs and symptoms, and possible causes, treatments and therapeutic interventions.  The philosophy of a person-centred approach is fundamental to the module.  The concepts of well-being and ill-being will be explored.  The purpose is to give the participant comprehension (and develop empathy) of why a person with dementia behaves and feels the way they do.

A range of practical skills will be explored including identifying and discussing a range of supportive interventions aimed at the person with dementia (and carer if applicable). 

The module will consider contemporary evidence-based therapeutic approaches.  These will include interventions to meet the physical and psychosocial needs of the person with dementia and family carers. 

Summative assessment 

Level 6 will require the successful completion of a 3000 word written assignment and a 15 minute presentation that will critically analyse and evaluate approaches which will improve the well-being of a resident with dementia.

Level 7 will also require the completion of a 3000 word written assignment along with a 15-minute presentation analysing the building of a therapeutic relationship and assessment strategies for a person with dementia in their care.


The dementia course starts on Thursday February 8 from 9-4pm, and runs on alternate Thursdays until May 10, with submission on June 7, 2018

Additional information

  • Module code: Level 6 is CA3S031; Level 7 NP4S011
  • Cost: £670
  • Entry requirements: Registered practitioner (Nursing or Allied Heath) currently working with people living with dementia
  • Career Prospects: This module can be undertaken as an optional module on the MSc Professional Practice or as a standalone module to enhance your knowledge and skills when working with people with dementia.
  • Contact: Darren Prince

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Dementia - pics by Andy Pearsall