Teaching Assessing and Mentorship in Clinical Practice

Aim of the Module

The aim of the module is to enable the student to build on and develop their knowledge and skills to support learning, teaching and mentorship of students and other practitioners within the context of practice. This module will confirm current mentor status.

What you will study

During the module, you will study the theoretical perspectives of learning, the associated evidence base and the application to learning, teaching and assessment and develop the knowledge and skills required to support the development and maintenance of an effective physical, psychological and social learning environment in a variety of settings. The module will also explore the processes, skills and accountability required to assess learning and competence and the quality assurance processes underpinning the provision of learning, teaching and assessment in both the educational and practice. The module will encourage the use of reflection to enhance learning, growth and competence in yourself and others.


Formative Assessment

During the module, you will be formatively assessed undertaking a learning and teaching activity, which will include an annotated lesson plan.   

Summative Assessment

You will be required to complete a 4000 word academic essay at level 6. The essay will focus on reflecting on the application of the theoretical educational perspectives and professional values to supporting learning and teaching in a variety of settings.  

Practice Assessment

This will consist of the achievement of three practice learning outcomes assessed by a practice mentor/practice assessor.


The course starts on April 13, 2018. It consists of 11 study days, each on a Friday from 10 am to 3pm.

Additional Details

  • Module cost: £1340; possible support via Continuing Education Contract
  • Module code: AU3D027
  • Module leader: Jill Barnes

How to Apply

Applications can be made via the Associate Student Scheme, directly through the Health Board Continuing Education Contract or by emailing Jill Barnes.

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