Clinical Simulation Centre


Our state of the art clinical simulation centre is set up to replicate an acute care NHS environment, providing realistic clinical facilities for our Nursing and Midwifery students and qualified healthcare professionals. 

The centre provides training for a wide range of healthcare professionals such as anaesthetists, junior doctors, medical students, nurse practitioners, ODPs, paramedics, paediatricians, specialist nurse organ donation donor teams and the Territorial Army Medical Service.

The Centre is well established and has a successful track record of facilitating the acquisition of clinical skills, the application of knowledge in health care and management interventions, and of education through the medium of clinical simulation. The Centre provides an environment that is authentic and clinically challenging.

What's inside?

The Clinical Simulation Centre provides a well equipped, state of the art facility which can replicate a range of clinical settings and includes:


The centre has twenty three low to high fidelity programmable patient simulators which can create clinical simulation experiences for neonatal, paediatric and adult care, including care of the pregnant female. 

The simulators are used in conjunction with real clinical equipment such as monitors, intravenous infusion pumps, ventilators and defibrillators and provide an authentic clinical experience which focuses on the participants’ learning needs.

Each area of the Centre is equipped with state of the art audiovisual equipment which facilitates recording of clinical scenarios and production of learning, teaching and assessment materials.