Clinical Simulation Facilities

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The Clinical Simulation Centre at the university is used to train a wide range of healthcare professionals anything from basic nursing skills to complex and multidisciplinary medical critical incidents.

The Centre hosts a variety of medical simulators ranging from the less sophisticated lower fidelity manikins through to intermediate fidelity mobile manikins and the top of the range high fidelity CAE Human Patient Simulator.

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This multipurpose simulation area with high fidelity CAE adult (HPSX) and paediatric (PHPS) Human Patient Simulators can be utilised to perform a wide range of medical scenarios.

Nursing Bays

The Centre has two nursing bays, equipped with 4 CAE iStan and 2 Gaumard Susie manikins that emulate current NHS specifications, giving students a valuable insight into working in an authentic hospital setting.

Paediatric Unit

The Paediatric Unit is equipped with a CAE PediaSim and BabySim, plus Gaumard 1 Year Old and 5 Year Old child simulators used for teaching students many aspects of paediatrics.

Clinical Skills Room

The Clinical Skills Room is used to teach basic clinical skills such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, injections and manual handling.

The Emergency Department & Ambulance Simulator

The Emergency Department room comprises two patient cubicles and a life size ambulance simulator equipped with the latest ambulance equipment (Zoll X Series Defibrillator & Stryker Rugged stretcher). The authentic surroundings coupled with latest patient simulators provide an authentic and realistic environment for emergency healthcare professionals to train in.

Media Control Suite

AVA room houses DVD editing software, Studiocode and CAE Learning Space which controls17cameras and microphones in all areas of the centre and a“Go-Unit” laptop with portable cameras.

Midwifery Unit & SCBU

The Midwifery Unit and adjacent SCBU is equipped with two advanced birthing simulators with Gaumard’s newborn baby & premature baby simulators and Laerdal’s SimNew B used for teaching students many aspects of midwifery and neonatology.