The Community Flat

There has been a radical shift in the focus of care from hospital to community health services and a fundamental part of the Community Nursing Strategy (Welsh NHS Confederation date) is to  strengthen the emphasis on public health, with appropriate secondary care services being transferred to the community, with more patients being cared for at home. 

Nursing Simulation Centre

This focus will lead to a more independent patient, promoting a reduction in nonessential hospital admissions.

With this in mind, there is a need to enhance the education of both pre-registration and post registration nurses and midwives in understanding the complexities of providing care in the community. 

Nursing sim centre

To aid this, the University of South Wales has invested in an authentic simulated community environment. The simulated “Flat 3” at the Clinical Simulation Centre comprises of a fully functional furnished kitchen/dining room and bathroom with a connecting hallway that leads into two bedrooms. Here, nurses, can practice a range of community health related skills.