The Emergency Department and Ambulance Simulator

Ambulance Simulation 2

The Ambulance and Emergency Department comprises a life-size ambulance simulator that includes all the typical features found inside a real ambulance e.g. Jany seats, rear impact protection seat, non-slip floor, stretcher locking floor tracking, modular compartment storage system, LSU suction unit, oxygen lines, equipped with the very latest paramedic equipment, such as the Zoll X Series defibrillator, Stryker Rugged Power Pro TL ambulance stretcher and the Ferno’s Compact 2 Track chair, Scoop EXL, Combi Head Immobiliser (CHI), Millennia Backboard and Easyfix Vacuum Mattress.

Ambulance Simulator 3The ambulance simulator’s authentic surroundings coupled with the latest patient medical simulators provide a realistic and authentic environment for emergency healthcare professionals to train in.

The Emergency Department has a triage area and two cubicles. They are equipped with Philips MP2 monitors, wall mounted examination lights, emergency alarm button, macroview otoscope & coaxial ophthalmoscope sets on rolling mobile stands, a red “bat” phone, a mock computerised ambulance/ED booking in system and an array of various trolleys (difficult airway, bandages, venesection)

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