Simulation Suite ITU/ICU/RecoveryThe Simulation Suite is a multipurpose simulation area that can be set up to create a number of scenarios to replicate a realistic environment for any health professional. The suite can be set up as an operating theatre, an anaesthetic induction room or even a scene of an accident.

A major new addition to the service provided at the Clinical Simulation Centre is the latest (X System) highly sophisticated CAE Human Patient Simulator (HPS X).

Developed in Florida in the US, this is the first of its kind in Wales and is one of the world’s most advanced tools for teaching and hands-on training for anyone who provides patient care. The realistic andversatile Human Patient Simulator speaks and breathes, has a heartbeat, breath sounds and bilateral pulses, can blink and its pupils react to light.

ITU/ICU/Recovery manikinThe Simulation Suite is a great facility that can be used for a wide range of healthcare disciplines including: Anaesthesia, Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Nursing, Respiratory Care, Paramedic, Dentistry and General Practice.

Simulator Equipment

The Simulation Suite hosts a wide variety of equipment that allows our staff to deliver the right kind of training required for both pre and post registration education. With all procedures and scenarios being professionally recorded using the high quality cameras linked to CAE Learning Space, students are able to replay activities and reflect and learn from the our teaching sessions.

Below is a list of the simulator equipment:

  • Draeger Evita 4 BIPAP Ventilator
  • Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Anaesthetics Machine
  • Philips MP70 Vital Signs Monitor
  • Draeger CF800 CPAP Ventilator
  • Philips Heartstart MRX Defibrillator

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