Midwifery Unit and SCBU

Maternity Ward SimulationThe Midwifery Unit is situated on the first floor of the Clinical Simulation Centre and is dedicated to teaching midwifery and childcare skills including all aspects of childbearing, breastfeeding and child development.

The two advanced birthing and maternal simulators (Gaumard Noelle) can be programmed to simulate various stages of pregnancy and related scenarios including birth and breech presentations and the resuscitation baby allows students to practice advanced emergency skills in midwifery and paediatric care.

Home Birth SimulationThe simulator is controlled by computer software and specific scenarios can be developed to suit the student’s learning pace or the realities of clinical practice. Using CAE Learning Space clinical scenario experiences can be recorded to allow students to reflect and receive valuable feedback on their performance.

It is widely recognised that this system of monitoring complex clinical skills in a safe, managed environment quickly develops student competence and confidence.

Simulator Equipment

Maternity SimulationThe Maternity Suite is equipped with;

  • Hill-Rom Air-shields Resuscitaire
  • Professional Mini Birth Pool (with strainer, mirror, mat, thermometer, birth ball)
  • TPN 400D Birth Assistance Obstetric Tens Machine
  • Drugs dispensing trolley, chart trolley, procedure trolleys
  • Gaumards’ S503 Gynaecologic Simulator
  • Limbs & Things Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer
  • Gaumards’ 565 and 575 Noelle Birthing Simulators and Newborn HAL

The Special Care Baby Unit is equipped with;

  • 2 Draeger Incubators with covers & nests
  • SLE 2000HFO Ventilator with Florian Neonatal Respiratory Monitoring
  • Vapotherm Precision Flow
  • Neopuff
  • Natus Neoblue LED Phototherapy on stand
  • Infant Flow SiPAP
  • Fisher & Paykel MR 700 & MR 850 Humidifiers
  • Maternity Simulation 2OptiFlow
  • Soundear II
  • Alaris Enteral & Syringe pumps
  • Gaumard Newborn HAL simulator
  • Gaumard Premie simulator
  • Laerdal SimNew B simulator

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