Gaumard Paediatric 5 Year Old

The 5 year old paediatric simulator is an effective training tool for CPR, trauma care and advanced life support exercises. It has a realistic mouth, airway, and upper torso with a fully articulated head and jaw. The cricho prominence facilitates the Sellick manœuvre. Chest compliance is achieved through realistic heart, lung, and ribcage.

Venous access:

  • Tibial bone in right leg.
  • Left humerus bone in left arm can be configured to contain intraosseous infusion site.
  • Sixteen interchangeable bones with anatomic landmarks.
  • Realistic “pop” from needle entering bone marrow cavity.
  • Fluid can be pulled through the needle to verify correct position.

Bilateral carotid and femoral pulses, plus femoral arterial site in the

right leg that can be cannulated for blood gases. Right femoral vein can be filled with simulated blood and right femoral vein may be infused. Can also perform nasogastric & orogastric exercises and enema administration.