Gaumard HAL S3201: Wireless manikin and monitoring (touchscreen)

It works with any real BP cuff and some digital BP devices, real Oxygen Saturation probe/monitors, defibrillators, external pacemakers, ventilators and real 12 lead ECG monitors (thus it works with our Philips 12 Lead ECG machine).

It also has completely wireless monitoring so the “patient” can be wheeled down a corridor on the way to the EM or can be linked up to a defibrillator screen in the ambulance. It is very rugged and was awarded an airworthiness certificate by the US Army.

It has SubQ and IM injection sites and an attachable trauma arm &/or leg. The Pro+AV recording system captures multiple video with up to 3 wired or wireless cameras as well as the simulator log file which allows video footage capture “on the hoof” i.e. in corridors or leaving the ambulance etc.

The system allows any voice to be recorded and be added to the vocal response library and can then be played back as the patient. It has programmable drug recognition and thus the drugs available to specific disciplines (e.g. paramedics) can be pre-assigned to syringes.

The monitor and tablet are touch screen sensitive. The MI module on the control tablet brings up a “3D Heart” display and the operator can select the necrotic regions, or occlusions, or ischaemia within the heart to build the myocardial infarction to a desired specification, for example anterior or inferior MI.

Plus it has all the features generally associated with patient simulators –- capable of seizures, central cyanosis, catheterisation, feeding tube insertion, bowel/heart/breath sounds, full set of bilateral pulses, difficult airway, fully intubatable (even one lung ventilation and endobronchial), jaw thrust, reactive eyes, tracheostomy, very realistic chest movement, lung compliance and carbon dioxide canister for capnograph detection. The airway holds PEEP and the chest can perform unilateral rise for pneumothorax. It also operates at distances within a 50 metre radius