Laerdal SimNewB

Laerdal SimNewB represents a full-term, 50th percentile 7lb newborn female. 

The airway accommodates oral (ET/LMA) and nasal insertion, Sellick manœuver, positive-pressure ventilation, meconium module for suction removal and gastric tube insertion. 

It has spontaneous breathing with variable rate, CO2 exhalation, normal and abnormal breath sounds, heart sounds (diastolic & systolic murmurs), needle thoracentesis and pneumothorax. It has palpable brachial pulses and a patent umbilicus pulse (that can be assessed, cut and catheterized for IV access) and blood pressure can be measured manually. 

Other features include circumoral cyanosis, interchangeable pupils with normal, blown and constricted pupils, movement in all four limbs (Limp, Tone, Spontaneous Motion and Seizure), lung sounds (stridor, pneumonia) and vocal noises such as grunting, crying and hiccoughs. 

The patient can be a limp, cyanotic newborn with no vital signs or a moving, crying, vigorous newborn. This simulator is designed to meet the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation courses.