CAE Human Patient Simulator, PediaSim (PHPS) (PediaSim)

CAE PediaSim HPS is the top-of-the-range, fully automatic, high-fidelity paediatric human patient simulator (PHPS) representing a six year old, specifically designed for training in anaesthesia, respiratory medicine and critical care nursing.

The PHPS is the only paediatric patient simulator that provides real-time respiratory gas exchange, meaningful model related capnography, anaesthesia delivery and agent monitoring, and patient monitoring with actual physiological clinical monitors and transducers for ECG, heart rate/pulse, cardiac output & wedge pressure (& therefore haemodynamic analysis), CVP, ABP, NIBP, PAP, temperature and gas analysis (O2 saturations & capnography).

Examples of some of the features:

  • Light reactive pupils that automatically dilate to fully blown or constrict.
  • Automatic recognition and response via administration of bar-coded (drug profile) syringes and drug volume is measured via a flow meter.
  • Variable lung compliance, tidal volume, airway resistance and several breath sounds.
  • Automatic response to needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax with audible “hiss,” and intraosseous infusion sites.
  • Difficult airway management with semi or fully swollen tongue, posterior pharyngeal wall swelling and vocal cord closure with potential for needle cricothyroidotomy, and different breathing sounds.
  • Heart sounds, carotid/brachial/radial, popliteal/pedal pluses and can be male or female and a range of ECG patterns.