Gaumard Premie

Weighing less than 1400 grammes, this tetherless baby is responsive whilst being carried. The Premie accommodates:

  • Oral intubation, using an ET tube or LMA.
  • Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing, chest rise and lung sounds are synchronized with selectable breathing patterns & multiple breath sounds.
  • Assisted ventilation, including BVM and mechanical support and bluing.
  • Multiple heart sounds, rates and intensities.
  • Umbilical, femoral and fontanel pulses and vary with blood pressure & are synchronized with ECG
  • Programmable temperature sensor in abdomen.
  • Vigorous cries are synchronized with breathing.
  • Heart sounds include a normal heart, atrial and ventricular septal defects.
  • Respiratory sounds can be normal, stridor or grunting.
  • Venous access available – patent umbilicus with two arteries and one vein with practice cutdowns, IV training arms and intraosseous access in the tibia.