Patient Care Simulator “SAKURA” (Kyoto Kagaku Co, Ltd)

Sakura is a life-like female 5’ 2” model, weighing 40lb, with full articulation that can sit upright without support. We have a Sakura I and a Sakura II.

They comprise:

  • A realistic articulating jaw and removable dentures to facilitate oral & denture care training.
  • Catheterization fluids are stored in internal reservoirs, filled via ports in the hip, to enable catheterization training.
  • Simulated stomach, which can be filled with fluids that can be extracted by stomach pumping, or can be used to check nasogastric tube placement.
  • Anal and rectal care, can be flushed using an internal cleaning system.
  • Removable basic intramuscular injection pads for arms, legs and hips.
  • Strap-on venipuncture trainer that can be attached to the arm for blood collection.
  • Hair care with durable wig for hair combing / brushing, shampooing and blow drying.
  • Full body articulation to allow body positioning and therefore patient handling, the removing and changing clothes, bed bathing.
  • Tracheostomy care and management.
  • Bag and mask replacement.
  • Tracheal intubation care.
  • Stoma care.
  • Enema placement.
  • Vaginal washing.
  • Bedpan practice.
  • Care of a deceased patient.
  • Passive exercise.