Susie S2000

Susie is a wireless dedicated female manikin, with features such as:

NG/OG placement, tracheostomy, BM – draw blood from finger, IM sites, bilateral IV training arms, use your own BP cuff for BP measurement, blinking reactive eyes, examinable breasts with seven interchangeable silicone inserts and lumps, ulcerated foot, colostomy and ileostomy exercises, catheterisation and enema exercises and she can operate during transport.

She is capable of fitting, cyanosis, difficult airway – tongue oedema, pharyngeal swelling, laryngospasm, surgical airway. She has airway sounds, programmable speech, moving chest, bilateral carotid, brachial, femoral, posterior tibial and pedal pulses, bilateral venous networks in her forearms, intramuscular injection sites in the quadriceps and deltoids and bowel sounds. Real sats probes and blood pressure cuffs can be used to measure oxygen saturations and blood pressure. Our newer Susie has a drug recognition arm that recognises pre-programmed syringes and has a distilled water reservoir so that the injected “drug” can also be volumetrically measured.