Police Degrees

Taught by former police staff and internationally renowned academics, Policing has been taught at the University for more than 15 years.

Our Policing and Security degrees will prepare you for the challenges of modern policing and related professions, such as the UK Border Agency, security organisations (MI5/MI6), the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, the military police, and private organisations that provide a policing function.

Our facilities  are outstanding. They will boost your learning experience and help you put your knowledge into practice in realistic settings. Our Hydra Simulation Suite is used to train police officers at all levels – from Constable to Chief Constable. This means our students use exactly the same system that police use to train their staff to be better police officers.

Our Crime Scene Training Facility is where you can practise your crime scene investigation techniques on campus. We also have forensic facilities where you can explore and analyse forensic evidence, and interview rooms with sophisticated CCTV systems so you can observe and assess your interview skills.