Hydra Minerva Suite

What is the Hydra Minerva Suite?

Hydra is a sophisticated of piece of technology that is used to teach police officers to use specific skills and develop their understanding of the law in a variety of policing situations. It is also used for scenario-based teaching in other areas such as social work, nursing and global governance.

How does it work?

It works by presenting a scenario to the students via a mix of video clips, audio clips and written tasks. The system then tests the student’s ability to take decisions and action. Problems can be varied according to your responses. It also shows you the consequences of your decisions.

How do Police Science students use it?

These days, almost everything the police do involves multi-agency work. So, a typical scenario could involve a domestic violence and possible child abuse case in which police work alongside social workers and nurses. A neighbour telephones the police to report a violent row. Students are called to the scene to investigate. They have to deal with incident, investigate, identify risks and the strategies to deal with them.

How will all this help me?

It allows you to experience incidents and develop your knowledge in a safe learning environment. It can be used to highlight any gaps in your knowledge or a need for training in a particular area. Students can also learn from errors and share good practice.

Hydra Suite 3What else do I need to know?

The Hydra Suite is used by the Police Service to train police officers at all levels. The University of South Wales uses exactly the same system as the police and some of the same training material to train students on the Police Science degree.

Our University (formerly the University of Glamorgan) was the first to obtain a licence to use Hydra as a teaching facility. Having a prior knowledge and training in Hydra will almost certainly give you the edge at interview assessment centres, which test for key skills such as decision-making and the ability to prioritise between important and urgent.