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How to prepare for an interview for Police Sciences

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Interview tips and advice for those applying for BSc (Hons) Police Sciences.

Do your research

Make sure you come to the interview with knowledge about the Police Sciences course at the University and careers within the police. What is it about this course at this University? Make sure you read all the course information available, as well as the student profiles that give you real insight into life as a Police Sciences student.

Be passionate

Why do you want to study Police Sciences? What interests you about law enforcement? Think about what it is about the subject and the degree that interests you and your rationale behind applying for the course. And please avoid the cliche phrase "I've always wanted to be a police officer"!

Think of examples you can talk about

Police officers need to be good with people, have excellent analytical skills and cope in difficult situations. Think of examples that you can use to show you have the skills and the qualities that both we and Police Services are looking for.

Make sure you know the requirements to work as a police officer

We'll have already asked for any criminal convictions information on your application form, but we will be checking at interview stage that you also meet other criteria set by the government and police forces to work in law enforcement. You need to have the right attitudes, be fit and healthy and have no visible tattoos. For exact details of police vetting requirements, though, you should contact the police service you intend to join and check with them.