Psychology Facilities

USW is home to a range of excellent psychology facilities that are invaluable in helping us to understand human behaviour. 

We have purpose-built psychology laboratories where you can develop your practical psychology skills, eye-tracking equipment, electroencephalography (EEG) machines and BIOPAC systems. There are also interview and observation rooms that you can use to conduct experiments and tests. 

Learn more about our industry-standard facilities by watching our short videos below.

Psychology Facilities

Observation Suite

Our observation suite allows students, as researchers, to observe human behaviour in a natural manner through a one-way screen. This gives them the research and observation skills needed for their studies and a range of interesting careers in psychology.  

Eye Tracker

Our Tobii Eye Tracker is brand new, industry standard equipment that tracks the movement of your eyes. It can be used for a range of experiments and gives an insight into aspects of human behaviour that are not typically detectible.

Brain Lab

Our BRAIN Lab is home to equipment including our Magstim EGI system. This is an advanced EEG System that measures the electrical activity associated with the brain’s function and is invaluable in improving our understanding of human cognition.


Our psychology labs are home to BIOPAC systems, which students use to learn about the relationship between biology and psychology by looking at physiological responses to stimuli such as heart rate, skin conductance, galvanic skin and brain activity.