Social Work and Practice Education

Social Work and Practice Education

The ‘Social Work and Practice Education’ award is for practitioners interested in becoming a Practice Educator (change in ‘title’ in Wales from ‘assessor’ to ‘educator’ as of 2020).

The role of the Practice Educator involves contributing to the development of social work students on placement at level 5 (year 2) and level 6 (year 3).

Practice Educators have a vital role to play in the development of the next generation of social workers. Furthermore, Practice Educators contribute to the learning and development, reflection, and growth of students on placement.

The ‘Social Work and Practice Education Award’ has a strong professional reputation and close partnership with local authorities in Wales.

At the University of South Wales, we offer the award at both level 6 and level 7 (Masters).

The module will enable qualified social workers to analyse and evaluate their ability to assess, supervise and practice educate social work students.

You will:

  • Reflect on the principles and values of social work to enhance the development of students.
  • Be taught to assess and supervise social work students utilising a variety of professional approaches with reference to current research.
  • Be observed by a qualified Practice Supervisor on two occasions while supervising a social work student.
  • Demonstrate their ability to integrate anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice throughout the supervision and assessment of social work students.

Knowledge and understanding of adult learning and the use of theory in practice will be taught and analysed throughout the module.

Evidence of the Code of Professional Practice and National Occupational Standards prescribed by Social Care Wales will be integrated throughout the practice education, assessment, and supervision of social work students.

The skills and knowledge gained will be transferable into more diverse social work and social care settings. The perspectives of individuals, families and carers will be incorporated by the candidate.

You will be taught using a variety of methods, including lectures, group work, direct observations, supervision, Blackboard (Uni Learn), blended learning, and role-play.

Assessment Requirements:

Formative Assessment

2 direct observations of candidate’s supervision of the student; written and verbal feedback from Supervisor, and written notes (provided by the Practice Supervisor) from 3 supervision sessions with Supervisor.

Summative Assessment

The candidate will compile a portfolio of evidence which will demonstrate their development as a Practice Educator to include evidence of NOS (2017) Standard 1, 2 & 6.

A critical reflective assignment on the candidate’s experience of being a Practice Educator of social work students. (4000 words)

At the University of South Wales, we offer the award at both level 6 and level 7 (Masters). The award is 30 Academic Credits. The module is taught on campus over 6 days as follows:

  • Day 1: Introduction to module and ‘role’ of the Practice Educator
  • Day 2: Supervision skills, feedback, and resilience
  • Day 3: Methods of assessment
  • Day 4: Application of theory and knowledge to practice
  • Day 5: Managing difficulties.
  • Day 6: Final report and planning

Each day is normally from 10:00 to 16:00.

  • Two years post registration experience as a qualified social worker.
  • Registered with Social Care Wales.

Key Information

Department: Faculty of Life Sciences and Education

Course Length: Six days of face-to-face sessions on campus.

Course Cost: £880 per candidate

Email: [email protected]