Postgraduate STEM Courses

Postgraduate education in STEM will give you the opportunity to further develop your technical, innovative and creative skills. As a postgraduate student at USW, you will transform into a graduate with knowledge that is in high demand from employers.

Careers in STEM and are highly rewarding and graduates often benefit from a higher-than-average salary. Upon graduating, you could be eligible to apply for a wide range of employment opportunities, be at the forefront of exciting research projects or inspire others to pursue a career in STEM.


Civil Engineering

We offer a range of postgraduate courses, across civil engineering, the built environment, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and aeronautical engineering.

applied sciences

Abbie Tattersfield, Forensic Science student

We offer a range of postgraduate courses in applied sciences, forensic science, and environmental sciences that will help you excel in your chosen career.

computing and maths

Abigail_Peters Bsc Maths

We offer a range of postgraduate computing and maths courses at USW that explore areas including cyber security, artificial intelligence, and data science. 

our students

bethan jenkins stem2.png

Bethan Jenkins, has always had involvement and an interest in the field of computing, even since primary school where she would join IT clubs and play with technology. In secondary school, a newfound interest in Law sparked Bethan’s interest in studying a BSc in Computer Forensics and an MSc in Cyber Security at USW.

paul santaana data science.png

Paul leads a team of data engineers. He says the course has gave him the confidence to step outside of that and think about how we can expand into data science.  Paul explains how he learnt more about working with data from the modules on this course and experienced lecturers than through several years in the industry.

owain morgan stem.png

Owain Morgan, an engineer with Walters UK Ltd studied part-time whilst working and had opportunities to work on many projects. His aspiration is to develop his knowledge of structures and to become a chartered engineer. Undertaking the postgraduate degree meant that he would be one step closer to achieving his CEng.

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