Teacher Training Courses

The University of South Wales has an established reputation for delivering primary and secondary teacher training courses. We have an enviable track record for the quality of our newly qualified teachers, and in helping our students secure their first teaching posts.

We are committed to making you an employable graduate, so we build this in to all our teaching courses. They are designed to prepare you for the challenges of a role in the teaching sector. With a combination of University study and school placements, you will develop the skills and knowledge to begin your career with confidence. School experience is at the heart of our teacher training courses. It provides you with varied, practical experiences in a range of settings. Our excellent links with schools, nurseries, colleges and other education settings across Wales mean we can select the best possible work experience opportunities for you.

Through extensive support, guidance and practical sessions on how to deliver effective teaching, you will know how to apply the theory you’ve learned in lectures to real-life work scenarios. On campus, you can learn in an environment that fully prepares you for the world of work. We have a new science lab and two simulated primary classrooms, which provide our student teachers with authentic learning opportunities. These learning spaces are designed to look like a primary classroom, allowing you to develop confidence for the workplace in realistic settings.

If you are a fluent Welsh speaker, you can undertake the Primary Studies with Qualified Teacher Status course through the medium of Welsh. Teaching placements are available in Welsh medium schools as part of this course and as part of our secondary teaching courses, which will broaden your employment opportunities in Wales.

If you have missed out on a B grade at GCSE for English Language and Mathematics, then the University offers specific modules to give you the equivalent qualification to a B grade if you already have C grade GCSE English Language or Mathematics.  Find out more. 

We also offer early years and education courses. Teaching graduates can specialise with further training in areas such as special educational needs or leadership and management.

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