Information for Applicants

The following information is provided for individuals who are interested in studying for the following courses at the University of South Wales:

Cert HE Introduction to Secondary Teaching
BA (Hons) Primary Studies with QTS
BSc (Hons) Secondary Mathematics with ICT
BSc (Hons) Secondary Mathematics with Science
BSc (Hons) Secondary Science with ICT
BSc (Hons) Secondary Science with Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Secondary Design and Technology
PGCE Secondary Design & Technology 
BA (Anrh) Astudiaethau Cynradd gyda SAC *

*This course is taught through the medium of Welsh

This guidance will assist you as you prepare to apply for these courses and will outline to you how your application will be assessed, what will be expected of you and what you can expect from the University. The specific information included will assist you in:

  • Deciding which course to apply for
  • Preparing to apply
  • Making your application
  • Understanding how your application is processed
  • Preparing for the next stage in the application process
  • Interviews
  • Understanding why your application may be unsuccessful

Deciding which course to apply for

Deciding to apply for a university course will require you to undertake a great deal of research and preparation before you complete and submit your application.

For the courses mentioned above this research is crucial as you will need to prove to us during the application process why you think we should progress your application once it has been submitted. As we assess your application we will be looking for evidence that demonstrates that you have a clear understanding of the course you’ve applied for and are able to convince those that are reviewing your application that your motivations for studying a particular course are based on thorough research and knowledge of the subject.

Preparing to apply

You are advised to attend a University of South Wales Open Day prior to submitting your application. Open Days are crucial in obtaining an understanding of the course that you are interested in and also to familiarise yourself with the surroundings of the Faculty, meet current staff and students and increase your awareness of what will be expected of you as a student at the University of South Wales. The sessions we run are specifically tailored to give potential students information and guidance before they submit their application. The Open Day will also give you details on how to prepare your application and how to prepare for an interview if your application is progressed.

Find out more about our Open Days.

Making your application

It is very important that you provide all the relevant information on your UCAS application as we will review your submission and then decide whether to progress your application or reject it at this stage. While further details of the entry requirements are on each course page of our website there are some general points that you should also consider:

  • All applications must be made via UCAS. Applications received after 15th January 2015 will be considered only if places are still available. Applicants who have completed the university of South Wales Certificate of Higher Education: Introduction to Secondary Teaching course may apply directly to the University for one of the 2 year secondary teaching programmes.  
  • You must ensure that all your relevant qualifications are recorded in the correct section as either 'achieved’ or 'pending’ on the UCAS application and that the recorded grades are completely accurate – check your certificates with the awarding body if you are unsure. Applications containing inaccuracies will be rejected
  • We are looking for students who are focused on the area of teaching they wish to be considered for
  • Remember to focus your personal statement on your course of choice; you must make it clear why you want to study a particular course.
  • Do not omit any details relevant to your application i.e. previous training, courses, relevant experience, transferable skills and previous teaching roles must be included. If you have previously started a course at the University of South Wales (including the former University of Glamorgan or University of Wales, Newport) then you must state this on your application. If you omit any of this information then your application will be rejected.
  • The application must include a reference. Referee details alone would not be sufficient.
  • With regards to the Disclosure and Barring Service, please note that no Convictions/Cautions/Reprimands/Warnings are spent under the regulations when you apply for a teaching related course. Ensure that you indicate correctly on your UCAS application any Cautions/ Convictions/ Reprimands or Warnings. Driving convictions (other than a SP30 for speeding), regardless of how long ago, should also be disclosed. Please ensure you indicate any conviction's on the initial personal details section of the UCAS application, as well as the second page that opens under the choices section (you need to tick this box to confirm you have a conviction). No  details of the Convictions/Cautions/Reprimands/Warnings are required on the UCAS form as the details will be requested by the University if your application is progressed. We may reject applications at a later stage where a disclosure is made that we were previously unaware of. 

Understanding how your application is processed

The University’s Enquiries & Admissions Team manages all undergraduate applications. Your application will be assessed against the course entry criteria stated on the website and is checked to ensure that you have adhered to all of the points above. You should also consider the following:

  • A list of guidelines for GCSE English and Mathematics grade B equivalence for entry to initial teacher education and training in Wales is available on the website. See guidelines to proposed GCSE equivalents
  • Your application will be deemed unsuccessful if it includes spelling mistakes or text language
  • Your application will be deemed unsuccessful if it does not include a comprehensive personal statement
  • Your application will be deemed unsuccessful if you have not achieved, exceeded or are not predicted the minimum entry criteria for your chosen course
  • Your application will be deemed unsuccessful if you do not list all your qualifications

Once your application has been assessed by the Enquiries & Admissions Team, and if it meets the initial criteria, you will be invited to attend interview. 

Preparing for the next stage in the application process

If you are invited to interview we will email you an invitation using the email address provided on your UCAS application form. The invitation will include the date and time of your interview as well as information regarding all the documents you are required to bring with you to your interview. Please ensure that you have included valid contact details on your application and have added us to your e-mail account as one of your trusted senders to avoid our e-mails being sent to your junk folder.

We require you to confirm by e-mail that you are accepting the interview, stating your full name, the course applied for, and the date and time of the interview. Failure to reply to an interview invitation within the time specified will result in your application being withdrawn and your interview cancelled. 

However, if you have been given an interview date and unforeseen circumstances mean that you cannot attend, please contact us as soon as possible so that a further interview opportunity may be given.

At interview please be on time. Please remember that you are applying and being interviewed for a professional course and therefore you are expected to dress appropriately.

If you are invited to interview you will be expected to undertake Literacy and Numeracy tests. In addition, there is a written task for PGCE Secondary Design and Technology and a written task with group discussions for BA (Hons) Primary Studies with QTS. 

During University Open Days we will give you a full outline of the format of the interview and how applicants should prepare themselves in order to apply for teaching courses at the University. See also our student teacher expectations.

Understanding why your application may be unsuccessful

If your application is unsuccessful (at any stage in the application process) we will provide you with feedback and the reason for your rejection.

A request for feedback must be made via email to [email protected] within 10 days of your rejection and should clearly state your full name, date of birth, the course you applied for and your UCAS personal ID number. We will endeavour to respond to you by e-mail within 10 working days of receipt of your request. Verbal feedback will not be provided and the University will not enter into a dialogue regarding any feedback given. Applicants should not contact the Faculty or the Enquiries & Admissions Team directly for feedback.

Please note that given the competitive nature of recruitment to these courses if you are unsuccessful in your application, the submission of a subsequent application the following year will not automatically result in your application being progressed even where feedback has been acted upon. We would suggest that if you are unsuccessful in securing a place on any of the above courses after three consecutive applications, then you should consider an alternative study or employment options. All applications are considered without prejudice.

Understanding the student teacher expectations if your application is successful

If your application is successful you must be aware of the student teacher expectations.

In order to ensure you are ready for the challenge of our rewarding programmes we have developed a set of expectations for our student teachers that must be understood and accepted. Please see links for more information.

Student Teacher Expections (English version)

Student Teacher Expectations (Welsh version)