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Employability Module: Welsh Skills & Your Career

All Welsh speaking students from across the University can study an additional short module (worth 5 credits) to increase your employment opportunities by equipping you to work in Welsh or bilingual organisations upon graduation.

The module, which equates to 6 hours over one semester, will also provide an additional qualification by preparing you for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Welsh Language Skills Certificate. This qualification will demonstrate your ability to communicate professionally in Welsh to future employers.

Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions below.

To register your interest or if you would like more information, please contact Siân Harris or Megan Jones, or Bronwen Rickard  - USW Welsh Employability lecturers.

Any student who speaks Welsh and is studying any course across all of our campuses can study these modules.

  • to improve your job prospects;
  • to build your confidence;
  • to make the most of your strengths when preparing for the world of work;
  • to develop the general skills expected of all employers;
  • to maintain and develop your Welsh skills;
  • to gain additional qualifications;
  • to meet students on other courses across the University;
  • to instruct with the online and offline learning techniques used on your main course.

A USW Scholarship worth £250 is offered to students who choose to study this module in their first, second or third year (levels 4-6). Find more information and an application form here

6 sessions across 1 semester.

To register, contact Siân Harris or Megan Jones, orBronwen Rickard USW Welsh Employability lecturers, if you have a question.

The sessions will be organized around your course timetable, either online or in class.

Year 1: the module will build your confidence to use Welsh in the workplace. You will be given a variety of work-based tasks such as producing blogs and researching organisations, relevant to your degree course. The emphasis will be on oral Welsh, although you will be introduced to electronic resources in order to improve your written Welsh.

Year 2: the module will introduce you to skills that are specific to Welsh or bilingual workplaces. You will be given a variety of tasks based on work such as presenting in Welsh and translating from Welsh to English, relevant to your degree course. You will have opportunities to improve your spoken and written Welsh.

Year 3: the module will focus on key aspects of the application process for a Welsh or bilingual graduate job (Welsh/English). It will enable you to produce a bilingual CV, create an online professional profile, review interview techniques and identify organizations with a Welsh or bilingual focus.

The modules are standalone i.e. you could do the third year module without having done the first and second year modules.

A qualification offered by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol in order to prove an ability to communicate professionally through the medium of Welsh. It is widely recognized by Welsh-speaking and bilingual employers in the public sector, private sector and the third sector. You will also be able to apply for this qualification.

You can find more information on Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol's website.