Music therapy


Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

In music therapy, people work with a wide range of accessible instruments and their voices to create music that reflects their emotional and physical condition.  This enables them to build connections with themselves and others musically.  Talking about the music and the personal challenges they are facing is also part of a session.  No musical knowledge is needed to access music therapy.

How does it work?

The music therapist supports the client by co-creating a bespoke combination of improvised or pre-composed music. Using music often helps people access difficult feelings when it can be difficult to articulate these in words.  Talking about the music helps process feelings that have been brought up by the music.

 What can Music Therapy  be used for?

Music Therapy is useful for those with a variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, bereavement issues, PTSD and OCD.  It can be used with children and young people, as well as with adults.

What can I expect from a music therapy session?

A session will consist of some form of music-making, although this is flexible depending on your needs and wishes.   Song-writing, drumming, improvisation and talking could all play a part in music therapy.  In each case, though, the therapist will tailor their approach to your needs in order to meet the goals you want to achieve through therapy.

Guided Imagery and Music

What is Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)?

GIM is a form of music psychotherapy involving listening to specially selected music, creating images and verbal discussion with the therapist

How does it work?

The client will listen to music in a relaxed state while talking to the therapist, or may listen in silence.  Following the listening, there is the opportunity of creating an image and then discussing what has arisen with the therapist. The listening, followed by drawing and then talking enables the client to fully process the difficulties they are experiencing and begin to work through their issues.

What can GIM be used for?

Anxiety, depression, life changes, PTSD, bereavement issues.  The therapy is only suitable for adults.

Music therapy
Music Therapy
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