The University of South Wales has a long track record of work in the field of law, including the provision of law courses, research and consultancy. Our law graduates can be found in a variety of successful legal roles locally, nationally and internationally.

Offering an academically challenging environment, law at the University of South Wales has an excellent reputation for its teaching quality. Our friendly and approachable staff come from a range of legal backgrounds and have a wealth of both professional and academic experience which they bring to the delivery of our law courses.

The law affects every part of society and our lives. Laws regulate our behaviour and protect our rights. 

But studying law isn’t just empowering. A university law degree is one of the most adaptable academic qualifications, opening career options in countless fields. You’ll be educated in logical thinking, how to express complex ideas, and making persuasive arguments.

Law is one of the oldest academic fields of study, but it never stands still. Our law degrees will prepare you for the reality of modern legal practice. With many areas and levels of study, we’ll help you work towards the legal career you want.