Meet the Entrepreneurs 2022/23

We are showcasing some of the women and businesses we have been supported through our Developing Entrepreneurial Women programme 2022/23. The programme was designed for women who are at the early stages of taking action on their freelance or business start-up idea! It consisted of expert-led masterclasses, invaluable networking opportunities as well as opportunities for access to fully-funded business coaching and CPD. 

Sweet Peas Nursery

With an aim to care for children with the same high standards that we would expect for our own, Sweet Peas Nursery is a private day care nursery in an underprivileged area, providing exceptional childcare for the little sweet peas!

Founder, Abigail Hopegood said: “The programme has helped me see the bigger picture of running my own business and given me lots of hints and tips to get me up and running. I would 100% recommend the programme as each session has been on a different focus each week, with my favourite masterclasses being on graphic design, building websites, creating marketing materials and how to organise to make the most of your time.”

Sensory Art Bubble

Sensory Art Bubble concentrates on the best way to engage and express sensory systems with art!

Founder Aimee Spencer said: “Currently I consider eight of the sensory systems within my work: vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, vestibular (balance), proprioception (the body’s awareness of where it is in space), and interoception (the body’s internal senses, such as hunger, thirst, etc). This is achieved through taking a multi-media approach within my arts practice. The masterclasses offered by the Developing Entrepreneurial Women programme assisted me tremendously in learning the basics and fundamentals of how to run a business."

Cassia Counselling

Cassia Counselling specialises in integrative therapy in anxiety, depression, existential crisis, relationship trouble, identity struggles and grief.

Founder Kizzy Hill said: “Currently, the support I am offering is remote which enables me to help people from anywhere for a one-hour session on zoom each week. I have found the programme immensely beneficial with building my confidence in marketing and utilising the tips and tricks to build a strong social presence.”

Bare Necessities by Caribbeandoula

Bare Necessities by caribbeandoula specialises in foundational childbirth education for mothers and their birth partners, with Verlyndoula (Verlyndah), a certified birth doula!

Verlyndah Hodge said: “The programme has expanded my network with like-minded women that wish to strategically develop their passions. I had the privilege of listening to speakers that started with a simple idea and turned it into an empire with determination and consistency. It confirmed that I'm on the right path because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my accomplishments so far."

Define Logic Interactive Ltd.

Define Logic Interactive aims to bring industry veterans and fresh talent together offering exquisite game design, programming, game art, animation, sound implementation, web design and various forms of documentation services!

Founder Diana Finley said: “Where we standout is that all our work is handed over to university graduates, which allows the students to gain experience in their given field, and aid them in the job hunt, and gives clients access to an untapped pool of talent. The masterclasses have helped me build my confidence in areas of startup I never had access to before! Learning from female entrepreneurs who have come before me and who are learning and growing alongside me has helped me build a network of reliable, strong, creative women who I can turn to for advice and guidance."

Booker T Photography

I am a Contemporary photographer, born in Wales who identifies as a neurodivergent artist. I make lens-based art to assist in processing the difficulties that come with debilitating sensory autism. I speak both Welsh and English languages and identify as LGBTQ+ and cisgender female. 

Founder Booker Skelding said: "The masterclasses provided tools and business skills to prepare a business plan, and demonstrated how to market, promote, research and organise to succeed in being self employed. I definitely recommend, the empowering feeling that has developed by collaborating and networking with other like minded women has been invaluable."

Dancing the Rainbow

Dancing the Rainbow offers weekly intuitive dance to music and meditation sessions for women, to develop confidence in their bodies and in themselves. 

Founder Elizabeth Pugh said: “The sessions are helped me by increasing my confidence to talk about what I offer and be seen. Being with other women in a similar situation and developing a network of support is enabling me to keep putting one step in front of the other and keep moving forwards towards achieving success. Having guidance from other women who have started their businesses and know about the different elements that are needed to develop a strong foundation through which to grow is invaluable.”

Wellbeing @ The Workplace

Wellbeing @ The Workplace provides workshops in mental health and wellbeing at the workplace using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (evidenced based) to take people from being stuck to taking meaningful action.

Founder Tara Ann Brown said: “I also offer workshops for meditation, goal setting and stress management including burnout with the primary focus on upskilling work forces and supporting them with tools to be proactive rather than reactive. The masterclass programme gave me the community, skills and support I needed to help my business go from an idea to putting it into action. Specifically, the workshops and the opportunity to have coaching has excelled my idea into actually existing and gaining my first client (within less than 3 months)."

Hebe Aesthetics and Wellbeing

Hebe Aesthetics and Wellbeing is a nurse-led aesthetics clinic providing minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedures where you indulge yourself with a luxurious experience in a safe and clinical environment.

Founder Charlotte Jackson-Welford said: “I offer aesthetics (dermal filler, anti-wrinkle treatment, facials, chemical peels, micro needling, LED light therapy) and wellbeing (vitamin injections) treatments from my clinic as well as selling aftercare products. Being able to access sessions/webinars on a wide range of topics, and learning tips and tricks from experts has been so beneficial. It is also lovely to have built a network of other female business owners and I have taken advantage of the business coaching sessions too!"

Study Solutions Cardiff

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future! If you’re looking to take the next step towards higher education abroad, Study Solutions Ltd., Cardiff office is the one window solution to all your educational queries.

Anamika Khanom said: “We offer student consultancy services with visa support assistance to students who are looking to pursue higher education abroad. With a wide range of options of Universities and courses and a highly skilled and professional team, we ensure making your journey smooth from the application stage till the arrival at the University."

The Grown-up school

Life doesn’t come with a survival guide, the Grown-up School is the guidebook on how to grow up and we have 100+ complementary free grown-up lessons.

Founder Laura Abraham said: “My business The Grown-Up School has recently reached the finals of the National Startup Awards (Education and Training Business of the Year). A significant part of that success has been a result of finding a huge amount of support and community through the DEWP programme, whilst starting my entrepreneurial journey.

The Ship & Pilot

The Ship & Pilot is a pub in Newport that provides a great meeting place for the local office workers and the community to come and socialise throughout the day and enjoy some good quality home cooking with drinks at a reasonable price. 

Founder Tania Sultana said: "These masterclasses have enabled me to develop my understanding of marketing principles and have provided tips and tricks to showcase the brand even more prominently in the competitive market. I feel more confident and making full use of the networking opportunities were available.” 

Fierce Femmes

Fierce Femmes is more than just an event or a community - it's a movement that strives to make a difference in the lives of women. By providing a platform for women to share their stories and connect with each other, Fierce Femmes hopes to create a ripple effect of empowerment and positive change in the world. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or simply looking for inspiration and support, Fierce Femmes welcomes everyone with open arms.

Founder Kelly Powling said “It has allowed me to network with key people that have helped me accelerate my business. Along with learning how to run a business more efficiently. Yes, I believe you should take every opportunity to better yourself and your business.”

SAB Chiropractic Clinic

SAB Chiropractic Clinic thrives to provide the best possible service to the patients given the dual qualification, professional and clinical experience, and a shared passion for helping the community stay active. SAB Chiropractic Clinic provides hands-on treatment in the clinic as well as education such as advice and prescribed exercises.

Founder Dr. Samera Bhatti said, The clinic has a proactive approach to the development of best business practices and aims to attract, reward, and promote effective and highly skilled chiropractic treatment to help our patients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being. Dr. Samera Bhatti also said, "Definitely DEWP helps me to build more confidence.”

Menopause empowerment education

At Menopause empowerment education we offer an exclusive free private supportive Facebook group with daily educational evidence-based information. We offer an online or face-to-face menopause consultation with a fully qualified menopause nurse specialist with 30 years of menopause experience. In addition to this, we offer educational menopause courses from how to become a menopause champion to running your own clinic in general practice or occupational health environment.

Founder Eileen Munson said “Over the past year the course has enhanced my knowledge of running a business and taken away that imposter syndrome that many new businesses experience. It has enabled me to engage with like-minded businesswomen and network too! Absolutely you have nothing to lose but so very much to gain in spades!”

Eegai Productions Limited

Eegai Productions was established in 2020 by two of us Sri Lankan women. Eegai is a video production and digital development company based at the Stiwdio Cardiff. We are providing Storyboarding, Video production (filming and developing), Editing and finalizing, Social media video production, Animation video production, Photography, editing, and many more.

Founder Sayanuja Thiyagarajan said, “Developing Entrepreneurial Women programme inspired us by getting to know about extraordinary goals and milestones women-led businesses achieve. We were educated about the basics and the essentials that one should not miss while trading and it helped in shaping our ideas. I will strongly recommend the programme to other women entrepreneurs to getting inspired by other successful women leaders.”

Siop Dwt

Siop Dwt gives adults who are just starting out learning Welsh a helping hand with with its monthly boxes. The contents includes useful products to make Welsh part of people’s daily lives. From the ‘Lingo Newydd’ magazine to bespoke puzzles, crosswords and bilingual stationary. Siop Dwt partners with several Welsh food and drinks producers and Welsh crafters to ensure subscribers can also enjoy a variety of quality and tasty treats from Wales each month.

Founder Helen Rose-Jones said: "The Developing Entrepreneurial Women programme has helped with confidence building and networking. Contacts are key to any business - get out there and meet people who can help you!"

Serendipity Complementary Therapies

Serendipity Complementary Therapies provides reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage reiki primarily to females.

Founder Tina Griffiths said: “My self-confidence and self-belief has grown by attending these masterclasses and it has enhanced my marketing knowledge, enabling me to develop a strong social media presence. I highly recommend this for someone who is looking to network with other like-minded females to be aware that there is someone around you to reach out to for support.”

Rangila Falooda

In the Asian community, we serve Falooda as a drink/dessert. It’s a very popular wedding menu too. I want to start my own food cart for wedding parties. Cost is minimal, I’ll build my own cart I need to understand the license and hygiene needed around this.

Founder Husnaara Nagri said, “It has helped me to know that there is someone to support you. Make sure that you do not go wrong anywhere morally, legally, or financially.”