At the University of South Wales we welcome international students from all over the world. We have produced this page for those of you considering joining the University of South Wales, featuring questions often asked by applicants.

Please do email us at [email protected] if we have not answered your question below.

How do I find out about the courses offered at USW?

You can find information on all of our courses here.

How do I apply?

You can apply directly to USW online. Undergraduate students can also apply through UCAS. Both are very straight forward and easy to use.

Do you offer scholarships?

We offer generous scholarships for students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Please visit our scholarships page for more information on how much of a scholarship you may be eligible for.

What are the entry requirements?

You can find a detailed list of entry requirements for your country under the country pages section. You will also find common entry requirements on individual course pages.

What are the English Language requirements for USW?

You can find our English language requirements here.

Please also visit your country page, where you will be able to find specific English language requirements for your country.

In addition, our English Language School provides an excellent learning opportunity for students who do not reach the language requirements for their desired course.

I am thinking of using an agent to apply. Do I have to do anything differently?

We work with many agencies across the world. Agents can provide expert advice and information on applying for university.

If you are considering using an agency, please check your country page to find key agent representatives of USW in your country. Each country also has a contact within the international recruitment team who you can talk with to discuss any questions in more detail.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

Your application is received by our team of international admissions specialists, who will process it within 5 working days. Some applications may take a little longer to be processed as they need to be viewed by course leaders.

I have received a conditional offer. What should I do?

A conditional offer means you still need to meet some requirements to study with us – usually exam results. Your offer letter should state what you need to submit in order to achieve an unconditional offer. Other conditions include submitting a work reference or your transcripts for example.

I have received an unconditional offer. What should I do?

If you have been given an unconditional offer, all you need to do is accept the offer and proceed to the deposit stage of the application.

Instructions on how to do this will be included in your unconditional offer.

I've been asked to submit a portfolio. How would you advise to go about this?

Please find attached our Portfolio Guide. Information included in this guide should help you if you have been asked to provide a portfolio for your application.

Am I required to pay a deposit to secure my place?

All self-funding applicants are required to pay a minimum 50% deposit to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course at USW. If you are being sponsored, we will require a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor. If you are a sponsored student and require more specific details, please contact our International Student Advice Team.

Once I have paid a deposit, what happens?

Once a deposit has been made, and your CAS Shield has been completed and reviewed, a "Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies" (CAS) is issued. A CAS is a number that applicants require to apply for a Student VISA. Paying a deposit demonstrates your intention to be a student of the university. Full payment expected on arrival.

When can I apply for accommodation?

We have lots of accommodation options, so you can choose what suits you best. Our Accommodation Team will send you an email inviting you to apply once you hold a firm offer of a place on your course.

How do I book pre-sessional accommodation?

If you are a pre-sessional student and you have accepted a place on the course, you will be invited to apply. Though we do encourage students to contact the accommodation team directly as well.

When will I be sent enrolment information?

International enrolment emails start going out from Thursday 15th August. Emails will be sent to students who hold a CAS.

Can I arrange airport pick up?

To make your travel arrangements to the University as easy as possible, we can organise arrival services from Cardiff International Airport and London (Heathrow).

Cardiff Airport is the closest airport to the University, which is why we always recommend it.

What is the International Welcome Programme?

Held every September and February, our International Welcome Programme is a series of social events that help you settle in, make friends and get used to being in the UK. You will have an opportunity to meet plenty of new students, as well as students who have been here a while and can share their own experiences.

I need help with my VISA or immigration questions

If you have any questions about the VISA process, including what you need to submit, please get in direct contact with our International Student Advice team. We have a live chat function, which allows you to talk with them in real time.

You can also email the team directly.

How do I register with a GP (Doctor)?

For all information concerning health and registering with a doctor, please read this.