UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) undertake credibility interviews which will be carried out as part of the student visa application process. 
The interview is to:

  • find out more about you
  • why you have chosen to study at the University of South Wales 
  • why you have chosen this course
  • Your future plans are and how your proposed study will help you achieve these

You must be well-prepared for these interviews. Questions can cover a wide variety of subjects and you must be able to answer in detail. UKVI will expect you to have undertaken thorough research, including considering other Universities as an option. 

To help you prepare you may also be required to complete an online University of South Wales credibility interview. 

We also recommend that you prepare for the following questions.

Possible talking points:

  • Facilities, location, academic programmes, unique programmes, accreditations
  • The information here may help you reflect and prepare

Here are details on the University of South Wales' location and campuses

Possible talking points:

  • Global reputation of British education

Possible talking points:

  • Career benefits of having a UK degree/masters

Possible talking points:

  • Reputation of the UK Higher Education sector

  • Duration of courses

  • Fees

  • Proximity to your home country

Possible talking points: 

  • Course specific facilities, for example, Accreditations (e.g. Chartered Institute of Marketing for Marketing Courses), Placement opportunities (e.g. BSc (Hons) Football Coaching and Performance placements within professional clubs or community football settings and summer placements), Field trips ( the UK, Asia or Central America as part of BSc (Hons) International Wildlife Biology) and course specific equipment/laboratories (Aerospace Centre for Aerospace courses, South Wales Business School Business Clinic for Business courses) – check your course page

If yes, explain why have you taken that person’s recommendation. You will need to show that have done your own research too.

Possible talking points:

  • Think about where you’re hoping to live and how far away your accommodation will be from the campus you will be studying

  • If you decide to live off campus how will you travel to your place of study each day? How much is the cost of train travel?

  • What university accommodation is available and how much will it cost?

Possible talking points:

  • Why have you decided to invest a significant amount of money in the UK?

  • Do you have a career plan, what field do you want to work in?

  • How long will you have to work to earn back the cost of your UK study?

Possible talking points:

  • Your course page will give teaching and assessment methods, course length and qualification

  • It will also give details on course content - what you will study

Possible talking points:

  • Think about your career aspirations

  • What is the relevance of the course to your future career path?

  • Check the career section of your course page

  • Explain why you are progressing to this course and how it relates to your previous study

  • Explain any gaps in study, such career breaks and why you are returning to study

Possible talking points:

  • Think about academic progression and postgraduate study and how the higher award will relate to what you will be studying at USW. 

Possible talking points:

  • What will your salary be?

  • What do you expect of your career progression? 

  • Explain how studying this course at the University of South Wales will help you to progress in your career

Possible talking points:

  • If your parents/spouse are supporting you, be prepared to talk about their finances and occupations

  • If the funds have come from a large transaction such as a sale of land, you should be prepared to talk about that during the interview and to provide documentary evidence to support the application

Possible talking points:

  • Think about how you can fund your studies and support your dependants
  • If you are bringing dependants with you, please visit our visa guidance webpage

If you have any questions or if you would like your visa documents checked we offer a free visa document checking service via our team in Immigration and International Student Advice.