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South Wales Business School's Business Clinic gives students the opportunity to work for a 'consultancy firm' that provides advice for real clients. The service, which is supervised by experienced members of staff, is available to all types of companies from SMEs to multi-nationals and non-profit organisations.

Our students get to the root of clients’ problems before providing a detailed report and presentation of their recommendations. The Business Clinic enables students to grow personal skills, awareness, and discipline which is essential in the workplace.

Business Clinic


Real experience with real clients

Our students become trainee analysts as part of our Business Clinic which offers a full consultancy experience. Students typically form teams within the firm before working with real clients to identify their problems.

Students visit client organisations and they conduct primary and secondary research on their behalf. They then make recommendations to clients in the form of a report and/or presentation. Our students also communicate with clients about their progress throughout the process.

Areas we may be able to help

Our Business Clinic assesses each client on a case-by-case basis. The student-led consultancy firm can potentially help in various areas including:

  • Accountancy audit and recommendations
  • Digital marketing and social media audits
  • Feasibility studies on strategic decisions or expansion
  • Human resource audit and recommendations
  • Logistical review and recommendations
  • Strategic marketing reviews

Professional guidance and support

Students develop their skills while helping real clients under the supervision of our experienced staff who also provide guidance, feedback, and workshops.

The Business Clinic aims for students to produce consultancy reports and presentations for clients to industry standards.

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Contact USW's Business Clinic

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Whether you're looking to identify a particular problem, knowledge gap, or areas for development within your business, or if you just want an independent review of your organisation, we would love to hear from you. Contact us by emailing Martyn Rowling, the Director of South Wales Business Clinic, via [email protected].



From the Moot Court Room to the Legal Advice Clinic, the South Wales Business School has all the facilities you’ll need to prepare for your future.

Free for clients

Business Clinic Meeting with Client

There is no charge to clients for advice and/or information provided by students at USW's Business Clinic.

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What clients can expect while working with USW's Business Clinic

The aim of each project is for our students to undertake research about your organisation before making recommendations to help benefit your business. You will be expected to work with USW and our students in the following ways:

  • Contact with the University - this will involve a first meeting with tutors to draft an initial brief and a first meeting with students on campus or through video conferencing, and communication with students over the phone and via email during the project. You will also need to attend USW for the presentation of the consultancy report.
  • Agreeing on the consultancy brief with our Business Clinic.
  • To determine the level of confidentiality and commercial sensitivity that will be established and the appropriate measures that will be put in place to ensure this.
  • To determine whether the project is more appropriate for undergraduate or master's students depending on its size, complexity and timeline.
  • Providing the required support and information to enable our students to complete the project. If it is possible, our students will visit your organisation's premises.
  • All businesses will be interviewed and reviewed on a case-by-case basis to establish whether the project and organisation are appropriate for USW and its students to work with.

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