Our Impact

From our oldest founding institution, the Newport Mechanic’s Institute, almost 200 years ago, our focus has always been on addressing societal needs, not just by widening access into higher education, but by using research for real industrial solutions. 

That history is still present today in who we are and what we achieve - it is the lifeblood of USW. It is core to our vision to change lives and our world for the better. Our USW 2030 strategy sets our roadmap for the next decade and how we will work in partnership with industry, communities, and government to play our part in addressing the economic and social recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

USW's impact on the region, on Wales, and on the UK is clear. We are rooted in South Wales yet our contribution to the economy and society can be felt far and wide. Our impact is not purely a financial one - the university undeniably creates jobs both directly and indirectly, stimulates the wider economy through our students and staff, and assists the jobs market by producing highly skilled graduates every year who are ready to work in their chosen industry. But we do so much more than that. We are passionate about making a difference in our communities, developing and strengthening valuable links, working with policy makers, community learning groups and national cultural organisations.  We support the sustainable delivery of services with our training of nurses, teachers, social workers and police officers, and undertake important, applied research - creating, collaborating and innovating - to answer the challenges of the modern world.